Valgus Pro Holder

How to use the holder Valgus Pro

Due to the fact that these orthopedic products have a special elasticity, which reliably capture the big toes of the feet, giving them the correct anatomical position. Use фиксаторы Valgus Pro easily and simply people of any age and gender. To do this it is necessary to insert in the holes the big toes all the way to goods just прилегали to ступне of the lateral sides. When you use the corrector very important is the observance of personal hygiene: it is necessary to regularly wash the feet, trim, nails and hair (even though it is on the big toes). In order to increase the effectiveness of the application of fixers, you can also use a special cream, which will make the skin of the feet softer. If you have decided to buy a bracket Valgus Prothen the package will contain two orthopedic products, so it will be possible to remove the underwire for larger fingers right at the two legs.

How to properly use фиксаторы for large fingers Valgus Pro

To fully heal this unpleasant disease, it is necessary to use the correctors for the big toes for at least 4 months (when the average rate of neglect deformation and complex treatment of the disease). Already after 3-4 days you will feel relief (disappear the feelings of pain, descend inflammation), in which you develop skin irritation or allergic reactions. Note that the first 1-2 days you may feel some discomfort while wearing the holder Valgus Probut then your feet get used to these orthopedic products, and you won't even feel on your feet, even in narrow shoes.