Experience with the use of Valgus Pro

This story said Alessandro from Rome (Italy). A woman shared about the problems that plagued his daughters to live fully, and also on how a servant. Valgus Pro to help cope with all the difficulties.

Experience with the use of the bracket Valgus Pro

Daughter was born completely healthy baby, but at 5 years it was already evident excess weight. The whole family enjoyed, that appetite is good, and everyone liked her cute chubby щечки. One I was scared, because she thought it was a problem. In the first class we were already on the accounts with the endocrinologist with the problem of obesity. And were the dietitian, a joint effort побороли lose weight, but the consequences remained. Due to the strong load on the ground in the daughter's developed cross flat feet.

As the problem with деформацией the bones of the foot мешала my daughters live

Pain in the stop and the knees strongly мешала her, and my husband and we have suffered around her. Hanging out with peers was difficult, because on long walks then оборачивались cramps and severe pain, which has not released her sleep. But then to the problem of flat feet increased deformation of the big toe. Pine cones grow, and eventually the daughter started to limp. Choose a pair of shoes was a real tragedy, because the conventional model of her is not approached, so they had to make shoes to order. With the upcoming prom, she started having these tantrums. Not only that, she couldn't dance a waltz together with all the classmates, even the shoes on the heel of her was contraindicated.

How we managed to overcome the problem with the jam on feet

One day, when I was sitting in an ambulance in queue on reception to the ортопеду, has talked with one mom. She said that her son was having problems with the joints, and I shared our diagnosis. Then she said that he was suffering from a blister on his leg, and it really helped Valgus Pro. Well, I decided, why not try – is the bracket of such big money. Bought, began to wear and after a few weeks I noticed that the daughter goes smoother, she said, that feet get less tired, and the pain less intense. Exercise a little diminished flat feet, wearing a proofreader in the course of 2 months to fully restore the natural position of the thumb.

Eventually we made for the daughter of an exception and bought the ball very beautiful shoes, whether with a small, but still a heel. Now advise Valgus Pro to all my friends, because the problem is a blister on the leg pretty frequent and very annoying. Perhaps in more than the adult age of time for complete cure will take longer, but that inch to return to the site, and what will disappear completely, that's exactly right. How grateful I am that woman who told me about фиксаторе Valgus Probut unfortunately, as with her more, and not met. But decided to write this review, lest someone make life easier.