valgus deformity of the feet in children, flat feet

The first steps of the child's parents perceive as a very joyful family event. But it can be a sad highlighting of such orthopedic pathology, such as valgus deformity of the foot. It is a violation, it usually becomes obvious, once at the beginning of the break and about a minute later. About the causes of the problem and about what to do in this situation, says renowned pediatrician and author of books on children's health Eugene Komarovsky.

About the disease

Вальгусной in medicine is called a deformation of the feet, which are in крестообразном position in relation to each other, recall the Latin Agricultural Most often, significant pathology is what happens when the child tries to step on your toes, and do the first steps - pathology manifests itself in the fact that while walking relies little on the inner part of the forefoot.

The steps of such a child are given an extremely hard — he quickly gets tired, sometimes experiencing the pain yourself steps uncertain. Podiatrists describe this condition is in terms of the processes occurring in the stop — fingers and heel are deployed out, the middle part of the legs somewhat decreases. If the legs straighten and push to each other in the area of the knee, the distance between the pits in the ankles will be more than 3-4 cm. If it will be substantially reduced the height of the arch of the foot, then podiatrists will talk already about the fact that the child ploskoval'gusnyye feet. valgus flat feet is considered most often встречающимся diagnosis in children's orthopaedics.

Such curvature of the feet, there are two types: congenital and physiological (wrongly). In the first case - the legs искривляются still in the period of intrauterine development of the fetus under the influence of some factors, about which medicine knows still it is not so much. Congenital pathology of the feet, usually occur relatively hard, and make out their, maybe in the first 2-3 months of independent life of the child.


The obtained deformation is often associated with errors in the development and functioning of the musculoskeletal system, tendons. Exactly such a violation is manifest closer to the age of 1 year . In risk group - crumbs with ослабленными muscles, premature children suffering from рахитом, перенесшие frequent and severe viral infections in the first year of life. Legs risk of becoming curves for children, the obese, because the load of the lower extremities, when a large weight is very significant.

Sometimes parents are to blame for the occurrence of pathology. So, too early productions of the child on the legs can "run" the mechanism of deformation of feet, and the lack of burden on foot, walking exclusively on the direct floor can become a cause of acquired flatfoot or ploskoval'gusnoy feet.

Flat feet scares parents no less. However, Komarovsky advises, don't panic, because from birth all children have flat feet, it is the property of the children. The arch will be formed gradually, as it grows, the burden on the feet, and everything is in the hands of parents, with the exception of congenital flat feet, which can be corrected only surgically.

The degree of pathology

We distinguish four basic degrees of valgus of the disease on the выраженности defects and the severity of occurrence:

  1. The first degree. The angle of deviation from the norm should not exceed 15 degrees. Pathology lends itself well to fix the conservative ways.
  2. Second grade. Angle of deviation — no more than 20 degrees. This condition is also successfully treated with exercise, massage and physical therapy.
  3. The third degree. Angle of deviation — no more than 30 degrees. Pathology of the hard not fit correction, the treatment is long, but with proper patience and perseverance on the part of parents and doctors, the prognosis is very favorable.
  4. The fourth degree. The angle of deviation from normal values - more than 30 degrees. When ineffectiveness of conservative therapy is prescribed surgery.

Flat feet also has several degrees, which similarly classified градусу deviations of the arch of the foot from the norm. As in the case of вальгусной деформацией, first and second grade common flat feet are healing quite easily and fast enough. With the third and fourth will be harder.


The diagnosis gives the child the doctor-orthopedist. This is done on the basis of visual inspection and identified other studies covered by the radiography of the feet, computer planography. If these studies are not assigned, and the doctor gives you the appropriate diagnosis, it is necessary to turn to another doctor. Quite often young patients with well-documented вальгусной патологией it is recommended to visit a doctor-невролога, to rule out problems with the peripheral and central nervous systems.

As soon as they identified the causes of which lie in the basis of the variability of the stop, the doctor will determine the type of lesion etiology:

  • Static deformation. This problem is detected, if it is to искривлению причастна bad posture.
  • The structural deformation. The curvature of the foot that has the congenital causes. As usual, the bone when such a deformation is located in the wrong with a deviation in one direction or another.
  • Компенсаторная deformation. If the child is a bit less Achilles tendon, the bevel of the lower limb, the foot when walking will deform functionally.
  • The corrective deformation. Such a curvature occurs in this case, if a child is absolutely wrong treated, or not treated is not the correct structure of the foot.
  • Spastic nervous strain. The reason for this curvature — in poor functioning of the cerebral cortex, as a result of which often appear cramps in the extremities.
  • Paralytic deformities. It is usually the result of suffering at an early age encephalitis or осложненного palsy.
  • Rakhitichnaya deformation. Arises when рахите.
  • The consequences of the injury. To the disease can lead the line spacing of the ligaments, fracture of the bones of the foot, голеностопа, injury of the thigh and the hip joint.

In the diagnosis of flat feet use the same tricks and methods of research.


Finally, in the pits the child is formed only for 12 years, so many of the problems discovered by the experts and by the parents in a more tender age, and it is necessary to establish exactly up to this point, says dr. Komarovsky.

Usually treatment as flat feet and valgus curvature, is aimed at strengthening the ligaments, the muscles of the legs, to form a state. For this prescribed foot baths, massage therapy, electrophoresis, swimming, therapeutic physical training. In the congenital pathology immobilize the lower limbs using plaster. In the absence of the desired effect from all of these measures, the child may be recommended a surgical procedure.

If the defect cannot be cured, and not to adapt, in the case of hard деформацией child are in danger of subsequent disability, as it is a strong burden on the knee and тазобедренные joints causes deformation and destruction, which leads to irreversible changes of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.


The sooner will be revealed pathology, the easier it will be to fix it. Medical statistics show that valgus curvature of the foot and lower limb, identified at the age of 1 year and is a little older with the appropriate therapy has a very favorable forecasts of the probability to fix the issue, completely and forever is nearing one hundred percent.

If the disease is detected too late or the child for various reasons has not been provided with adequate medical care and the disease is running, in the adolescence of a very high probability of developing problems with the spine. The more time from the beginning of the curvature of the passed before the start of treatment, the less chance of a complete successful recovery.


Quite often, parents tend to blame themselves for problems with стопой in a child. Moms have guilt for it, that they are, maybe you чаду the wrong shoes, which has become a cause of violations of the anatomy of the legs. Eugene Komarovsky reassures parents — deformation of the legs in any case largely depends on the shoes. Since man first appeared on the world without shoes, it is not so much necessary from a biological and physiological point of view.

However, using a special, orthopedic shoes, it is possible to fix some of the pathological changes in the стопе. Even when relying exclusively on the medicinal properties of expensive orthopedic shoes Komarovsky is not recommended. Can have the associated effect, but it is necessary to treat in other ways, and профилактировать through an active lifestyle, walking barefoot on uneven surfaces, running, and jumping. The heavier the child, the smaller the probability that the obtained curvature of the feet or flat feet.

flat feet

Most parents are wondering when you can start wearing shoes to a child. Komarovsky says that right after the first steps, does not make sense. Let the child, how is it possible to walk barefoot — at home, on the street, if the opportunity allows. Of course, in the nursery or for a walk in the park and needs to the feet of the child.

When pronounced вальгусной симптоматике often recommend to buy insoles with supinatorami, which do not give стопе "заваливаться" in. These boots is usually fixed side edge that capture the foot in the correct position, the hard holder of the heel. Most often it seems in such boots custom-made, with regard to the degree of deviation from the norm, which measures and describes the surgeon.

Not worth buying ортопедическую shoes baby, for the prevention of, just because your mom felt that your legs the crumbs are placed is not so.

When choosing your everyday shoes Komarovsky advises to stick to the basic rules:

  1. Ботиночки must be according to the size, not small and large, the child should be comfortable and comfortable.
  2. Buy boots "on the вырост" does not make sense, because the geometry of the foot changes during the growth of the stem.
  3. It is desirable that the shoes were made of synthetic materials, the knee should "breathe".
  4. Sharp noses and high heels in models of children's shoes tolerated.

Practical tips

The best prevention of problems with feet — the option to give the child often walk barefoot, and not only on a flat surface, where is our floor in the apartment, but also on "difficult" terrain. If he does not own backyard, where you can release the child to the barefoot run to earth, grass, and various кочкам, the perfect choice to become the Swedish wall, which parents can buy and install in the nursery the baby. While climbing and walking after her, the child will "work" the muscles of the legs, and no flat feet and valgus curvature will not.

A great way to prevention of functional (acquired) flat foot, or the curvature of the feet — children's rugs on the floor with bulging elements ("mussels", "stones", and so on). They are sold in any large baby store, as well as in orthopedic stores.

Early productions on the legs is not allowed. Despite the fact that moderate-statistical medical standards indicate the approximate age of the beginning of the functioning of 9-15 months, it's not worth it to rush, the kid, says Komarovsky. There is no need to forcibly give her to her feet, if he yet does not make attempts to stand and walk, not "as" a child in a walker, because an early walk can be the cause of the problems not only with the anatomy of the feet, but also with the spine, that is much worse and more severe.

If on the occasion of the identified вальгусной pathology of the feet or flat feet doctor diagnosed, therapeutic massage, get ready for it, that the procedures are quite lengthy.

To avoid wasting money to spare, ask your massage therapist to train you the technique of performing all of the effects. Usually the massage in such a недуге includes massage sacro-lumbar zone, legs, lower limbs, feet. Do tricks, must be in a strictly defined order.

A few sessions with the involvement of a specialist will be quite enough to master the massage yourself.