Treatment вальгусной deformation of the legs without surgery

For all types of orthopedic pathology is one of the first places takes a hallux valgus deformity of the foot (more specifically, the first finger). Seemingly so common problem, it is necessary to timely диагностироваться, because for her treatment there are methods without surgery: the use of tyres, proofreaders, бандажей, стелек.

treatment вальгусной deformation

But in practice, many patients do not know how to treat hallux valgus deformity of the foot and they are afraid that they will require surgical treatment. So they put off a visit to a specialist up to the time when deformation becomes significant and begins to deliver the discomfort.


Hallux valgus (as it is called hallux valgus deformity of the first finger of the foot) – this is a pathological turnover of first metacarpal bone inside, which leads to искривлению the first finger out. This pathology occurs most often in women of middle/older age, accompanied by болевыми feelings and leads to difficulties in walking, problems in choosing footwear.

The causes of the occurrence of

Its the emergence of hallux valgus deformity of the foot is bound to have the bot: the representatives of the indigenous settlements of this pathology not encountered, so is walking barefoot supports in constant toned the muscles and tendons of the feet. In the developed countries is the most important cause of the emergence of this deformation of the believe of wearing the wrong shoes flat feet. The rarer factors include:

  • insufficient or excessive physical stress;
  • the consequences of the injury;
  • the consequences of certain diseases (rickets, congenital anomalies, polio, hereditary weakness of the connective tissue);
  • overweight.

The weakened soft tissues cease to hold the state, and the bones of the "разъезжаются". The first metatarsal area of the bone takes place, and adiacentibus to her metatarsus-phalangem joint becomes unstable, which leads to искривлению the first finger. Constant травмирование shoes the inner part of the tops of the legs leads to widening of the bone tissue (education "bumps"), a solid skin (appear corns, натоптыши), chronic inflammation of the joint/periarthric bags. In the process, to involve other parts of the legs.

Symptoms вальгусной deformation

If the angle between the bones of the hock does not exceed 5-20 degrees and the finger deviates more than 40 degrees (i.e., there was Even a degree of вальгусной deformation), the symptoms are negligible: painful feelings appears on the evening and night, and especially when using the night бандажа, completely through. Travmiruya due to the friction of the skin reddens, appear corns. Hallux valgus expressed slightly.

When increasing the angle between the bones of the hock to 20-30 degrees and the refusal of the finger up to 40-70 degrees (i.e., when II degree вальгусной deformation), the pain becomes constant, is growing "bumps" of the skin on the bottom of the first finger coarsens, on the soles of the feet appear натоптыши (due to improper load on the department the soles of the feet). Inflammation of periarthric bags becomes chronic. At this stage it is still effectively a conservative non-surgical treatment, including the use of вальгусной tires.

If the angle between the bones of the hock is higher than 30 degrees and the first finger rejected by more than 70 degrees (i.e. the has III. the degree of hallux valgus), pain will not disappear, because it is due not only to chronic inflammation and atypical load, but also cogo nerves смещенными bones. At this stage, application of orthopedic constructions brings temporary relief. metatarsus-phalangem joint is virtually immobile, in his projection of the skin rough, they can form ulcers. To restore the function of the foot requires surgery.

treatment вальгусной deformation of the angle of deviation

Diagnosis of the disease

After the detection of a defective deviation of the finger, the doctor (usually an orthopedic surgeon or traumatologist) are prescribed the following examination:

  • the definition of the mobility of the joint and the functioning of the adjacent fingers;
  • chest x-rays (for the calculation of the angles between the bones, detection of bone changes);
  • computer in plantography (for the analysis of the load on the various departments in the legs);
  • CT/MRI (to identify the depth of disorders in the tissues, as a stage of preoperative preparation);
  • consultation of the neurologist (in involving into the process of nerves).

Operation when вальгусной deformation

In this pathology such as hallux valgus deformation of foot treatment function, it is possible in several ways. In the initial stages it can be repaired minime psidium surgical procedures (in sectione and suturing of the tendon), which are aimed at restoring the muscle traction. In parallel it is possible to removal of bone exostosis ("bumps"). In the more severe stages of the applying operation, in which распиливают bones, and then holding their metal construction for the restoration of the axis. In particularly complex cases, form a false joint, or install artificial.

Rehabilitation takes several weeks, during which wears a special ортез or bandage, gradually developed a soft tissue. After the removal of the incision/dressings use a complete orthopedic means, to prevent the occurrence of re-вальгусной deformation. If intervention is necessary on both sides, first surgery spend on one, and after a couple of months – on the other side.

Treatment вальгусной deformation of the legs without surgery

Treatment вальгусной deformation of the legs without surgery is possible. To stop its development in the early stages can:

  • wear comfortable shoes (wide toe, low heel);
  • the use of orthopedic correctors, including night;
  • the use of special стелек to normalize the load of the foot by correcting the arch;
  • the designation of the physiotherapy methods (massage, ultrasound, диатермии);
  • daily physiotherapy;
  • regular baths for the feet;
  • fighting with being overweight.

Inflammation in the joint and in the prope-articulatis tissue is treated by external anti-inflammatory means, when their ineffectiveness is possible внутрисуставное introduction steroid drugs.

treatment вальгусной deformation methods

Treatment вальгусной deformation of the feet in the home environment with the help of the night бандажа (вальгусной tires)

Night bandage (or hallux valgus of the tire) can be used at any stage of the hallux valgus, severely in the middle of the night or during a holiday, t. the design of the device, which are not intended for wear under the boots. Initially used leg warmers for several hours, and then – on all night.

Early failure can easily grad de entirely during sleep: you don't have to exert any effort, and deformation of the feet исправляется. In more serious deviations of the bones of the night bandage reduces painful sensations, several of the reduces the degree of deformation, and there is also the possibility of preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation.

Do not run the disease and do not bring it into operation. Start treatment as soon as possible.