Conservative methods of treatment вальгусной deformity of the big toe feet

Ортопедическое disease, popularly known as the "what's on your feet", bears the name of "valgus deformity of the big toe feet". Many consider unpleasant phenomenon of cosmetic defects, but, in fact, in the joint develops inflammation.

вальгусная deformation of the finger

Bunions feet can be cured without surgery at an early stage of the disease, while the negative changes did not accept non-refundable. Procrastination with a visit to the doctor often leads to the necessity of operative intervention.

General information

What on the leg - slightly aesthetic education, aggravating the appearance of the foot, which causes discomfort when walking. The patient suffering from bursitis of the first toe foot, can't wear the beautiful shoes, while driving arise painful feelings to stop.

Valgus deformity - this is not just a defect, it is a signal of violation of metabolic processes, poor lifestyle. The main categories of patients - women aged 45-50 years and older, often overweight and эндокринными патологиями.

Recognize ортопедическое disease is simple: when вальгусной deformation of the first finger bends, looking inside, the joint protrudes out. The stronger is the degree of the lesion, the more "sticking out". When Even the degree of pathology of the angle of deviation of the big toe is 15 degrees, II - 20 degrees, at III - 30 degrees. Offset 1. finger in the IV, the most difficult degree вальгусной deformation is more than 30 degrees.

Important! Negative changes in the metatarsophalangeal joint occurs in one day, the patient may notice the first signs of bursitis, consult a doctor. In the severe stage of the ортопедического disease folk methods, brace and аптечные drugs are ineffective. The older the patient, the less chance of success of conservative treatment.

Why it arises, what is on your finger

The doctors issued two main reasons for the development of articular pathology:

  • factors of formation of. In their presence the "what's on your feet" sooner or later I'm sure;
  • risk factors. While their presence increases the likelihood of developing bursitis big toe of the feet.

Patients often do not know that the usual lesson or way of life come the cause of ортопедического disease. The sooner it will be clear what causes the valgus deformity, the easier to give up certain habits, reduce the risk of unpleasant, painful education.

Factors of formation of:

  • the weakness of the metatarsal area of the joint due to the deformation of the legs;
  • disorders in metabolic processes;
  • failure, pathological changes in the tendinous device.

The combination of negative factors leads to a change of the angle between the first and second metatarsal area of the bone, the offset elements of the legs. Crown выпирающего joint - this is the ugly "bulge", serving under the skin cover.

Risk factors:

  • extended wear uncomfortable, tight shoes, high heels. Incorrect position of legs, gradually causing deformation of the 1. finger;
  • overweight. Unnecessary extra pounds increase pressure on joints, exacerbating the condition of the lower extremities;
  • violation of the metabolic processes. The deposition of salts of uric acid, diabetes will worsen the condition of the muscular and skeletal system;
  • avilable on the feet, for example, the first metatarsal area of bone greater length than expected;
  • a hereditary predisposition. Negative changes that arise in the genetic патологиях of the musculoskeletal system, poor metabolism, identified soon after birth;
  • arthritis and arthrosis of different etiology in the chronic form. Long-lasting disease process affects the health of the joints. Negative factors on the background of joint disease can often lead to the emergence of an ugly "blister";
  • older age. With the aging of the body the bones become more fragile, leached calcium, production of synovial fluid decreases, there is a growing истирание of the articular head and the cartilage. On the background of the дегенеративно-дистрофических changes increases the risk of deformation of the metatarsophalangeal joint;
  • cross flat feet. The defect occurs more often in women. Incorrect position of legs is not dependent on the type of bot, cause - congenital joint anomalies.



At the first signs of вальгусной deformation in the area of the thumb, most of the patients are engaged in self-medicate. In the course are miraculous ointments, medicinal baths, dressings for sucking cores, and other methods.

Sometimes the deformation is interrupted, but most often the disease develops on the background of negative factors, which limit the health хрящевой and bone tissue, as well as before. Only an experienced doctor will review all of the problem, draw up a scheme of treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease, treatment, pathology deals with the surgeon or the traumatologist-the orthopedist. If the bursitis often need the help of an endocrinologist, and therapist.

Methods of treatment without operative intervention

Conservative therapy is effective in 1 and 2 grade вальгусной deformation. Need maximum effort from the patient, the discipline, the exact observance of the recommendations for the treatment of. Folk methods are ineffective, compresses, baths, home ointments slightly reduce the inflammation, reduce the pain, but the foundation you can't take it.

Important! In the absence of adequate therapy of orthopedic pathology passes in a heavy, 3 and 4 of the degree, develops остеомиелит, the feet become swollen, they appear painful calluses, нагноения. In more advanced cases, a large angle shift of the 1-th finger of the patient difficult to walk, the movement brings excruciating pain, purchase shoe often ends nerve failures due to the complexity with selecting the appropriate shoes or boots.

The main emphasis is on the following methods:

  • a special exercise. The main objective of the therapeutic exercise - to strengthen the leg muscles, increase the elasticity of the ligaments, it shall notify the venous stasis, normalize blood circulation in the capillaries. Complex physical therapy will show the attending physician. The exercise actively involved голеностоп, toes, knee joints, the patient must pull up socks, move your fingers. Effective popular exercises for the legs: "Bicycle", "Scissors";
  • weight correction. The emergence of extra pounds - it is excessive pressure on the joints, хрящевую fabric. When a large weight of the patient suffering from "a blister on your finger", he had to lose weight up to optimum performance. The correct mode of nutrition, plus the physical burden - the basic methods of struggle with a high body mass;
  • orthopedic shoes. One more mandatory element of conservative therapy. The doctor individually selects the soft, wide shoes with a special "glass" (hard device) for the area of the thumb. The constant wear special shoes the development of the "blister" to suspend (for the success of the treatment is also need to carry other items of the treatment plan);
  • wear ортезов. Special orthopedic products to help in the early stage of bursitis of the first toe. Modern фиксаторы returns the first finger in the normal position, significantly reduce the size of the "blister". Many experts recommend that the gel holder brand Valgus For in varying degrees of orthopedic pathology. In small-angle deviations valgus deformation gradually disappears, in the more severe stages of the "bulging blister" significantly reduced;
  • drugs. Relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory preparations, hormonal medicines for intraarticular injections, analgesics. Some ортезами and exercise unsightly "blisters on my fingers" no cure, if the inside of the joint develops an inflammatory process. Baths, body wraps with medicinal remedies and herbal отварами less effective than treatment of the sick joint from the inside.
The main emphasis is on the following methods

In which cases surgery is required

In heavy, 3 and 4, the stage of the pathology, bias the thumb to 30 degrees and more conservative therapy has no positive effect on the condition of the problem joint. Clearly, expressed as valgus curvature - an opportunity for record on reception to the surgeon-ортопеду.

Surgery excising painful "bunion" a long time ago removed from the list of dangerous, провоцирующих serious complications. Modern methods return the patient to the joy of movement, eliminate the ugly bump on the side of the leg, are without heavy consequences for the organism.

The most common methods of operative intervention:

  • chevron-остеотомия. An effective way of correction when the angle of deviation to 17 degrees;
  • minimally invasive correction of curvature. Goldsmith work requires a highly qualified doctor. The method shows excellent results even in severe forms of pathology;
  • scarf-остеотомия. The methodology solves the situation in a different angle deformation (17-40 degrees). The method provides fixation of the phalanges of the titanium screws after manual correction of zero bones.

After surgical treatment the patient is undergoing rehabilitation to restore function of the foot. It is recommended to wear a special shoe of the day, the mandatory introduction of a special tire on the night, receiving analgesics and antibiotics for the prevention of inflammatory processes in the прооперированной area.

When strict adherence to the methods after 3 weeks after surgery, the person returns to normal life, to forget the дискомфорте when walking and болевом syndrome.

Preventive recommendations

Congenital abnormalities of the feet, and hereditary predisposition - factors, whose effect warn to impossible. Age-related changes amenable to correction, if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, cares about the health of.

After studying the list of reasons that cause a valgus deformity in the area of the first finger of the foot, in the lee of the notice: it is possible to alleviate the effects of certain factors, shall notify to the development of orthopedic pathology. Surgeons and podiatrists advise to monitor the condition of the musculoskeletal system, in time to pay attention to the first symptoms of inflammation.

Preventive measures:

  • therapy of endocrine disease;
  • the choice of optimal height каблука for longer wear;
  • give up the habit, "wear" narrow shoes;
  • exercises for legs, exercises to improve the elasticity of ligaments;
  • двигательная activity;
  • the struggle with being overweight;
  • fix flat feet, wears orthopedic shoes;
  • proper nutrition, slowing down the processes of aging in various parts of the body, including the musculoskeletal system.
Preventive recommendations
Conservative treatment in the valgus distortion of the thumb legs will be successful thanks to the access to the doctor. The wound of the side of the legs - it is not only ugly and unpleasant, but also dangerous for health. The sooner the doctor will prescribe medication, the lower the risk of complications and surgery.