valgus foot deformity in children

Even a slight change in gait of the child, his complaints of pain and fatigue of the legs – the reason for the appeal to the doctors-ортопеду.

вальгусная deformity of the forefoot in children

The fact is that the above symptoms are the initial signs of the development of вальгусной deformation of the feet in children – a disease that negatively affects the gait and осанке, can lead to serious consequences.

So патологию it is possible to detect with the help of modern diagnostic tools and to begin treatment. Correction of the pathology lies in the implementation of special therapeutic exercises, massage, the use of special locking means.

In particularly severe cases, when the use of conservative therapeutic methods does not give the desired result, apply surgical intervention.

The concept and characteristics of

When вальгусной deformation of the feet of the child it is possible to observe such a deviation, such as changing the position of the heel and the toes, when изгибаются, and how to look out.

In this case the average of the front legs will drop, which leads to the situation of the foot becomes non-physiological. Celebrated and curvature of the legs. When the child is trying to get the knees together, the inner sides of the ankles are at a great distance from each other (4-5 see)

Valgus curvature of the foot arises as a result of деформационных processes occurring in the knee joints, and сопровождающихся flatfoot.

This problem is easy to notice when you look at the legs of the child. In such a state, that искривлены X-piece manner. This pathology in most cases is congenital.

In children younger than the age of the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system is developing yet weak enough so that the above problem occurs often.

However, in many cases, even to 4-5 years the legs of the child are in compliance themselves, without any treatment, and walk the child back to normal.

If the 5 years of this has not yet happened, the child requires specialized treatment, because valgus can lead to the gradual development of deformity of the knee joint, then the hip joint, which in turn carries with it the pathological curvature of the spine, deformation of the vertebrae.

And in the стопе occur deformation processes, which are non-refundable.

The causes of

The concept and characteristics of

As it is paradoxical, but in some cases form a valgus feet in the child, contribute to the parents themselves.

In particular, pointing to the fact that few made their first steps in as an early age, the parents soon put him on his feet, learning the skills of walking.

In this disease, the musculoskeletal system of a child is not always ready for such high loads. As a result, develop deformation processes. This means that the child should do the first steps in that age, when his body will be ready (10-12 mo.).

Among other causes of valgus feet include:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • weakness of the muscle tissue;
  • diseases of endocrine character;
  • injuries acquired at birth (e.g. dislocation of the hip);
  • wearing the wrong shoes, which is not able to fixate the foot in the physiological position;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • the disease, which leads to deformation and destruction of the хрящевой and bone tissue of the body.

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If the symptoms of valgus foot, is added, and such a symptom, such as ptosis of his vaults, when the dog looks completely smooth, without bumps and concavities, it is possible to speak about this form of the disease as a mark the all-valgus deformity of the feet.

The dog looks more dense, hard, concentrated. This phenomenon is considered to be the most common in children of younger and school age.

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Symptoms and signs

Патологию can recognize, draw attention to its following signs and symptoms:

  1. When a child is in an upright position (standing or walking), it is possible to observe the specific curvature of the legs of the breadcrumbs. It is his коленки just not touching each other, and when the ankle widely divorced in the side.
  2. Ankle not unite even in that case, if a child gets one knee for another.
  3. If a child is standing on a solid surface, his heel, as if разъезжаются in opposite sides from each other.
  4. Pay attention to the shoes toddler. The inner part of the quickly trampled down, while the outside remains unchanged.
  5. In a child form a flat foot, the arch drops, when walking with regard to gender.
  6. The child complains of pain in the legs, fatigue.

Complications and consequences

In the absence of timely treatment of valgus feet in a child can escalate into much more serious problems with the physical motion of the apparatus.

Particularly when valgus feet increases the load on the knee joints, which leads to their deformation, destruction.

With the passage of time, a similar processes take place and in the hip joints. Walk the child is disturbed already to a large extent.

Increases the load on the spine, leads to its curvature, the destruction of the vertebrae. And this, in turn, leads to a significant restriction of motion of the child.

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Methods of treatment

To eliminate this problem can be conservatively or surgically. To surgical intervention is resorted to only in exceptional cases when other methods do not provide expected effect.

The conservative treatment includes physical therapy, special massage, use of orthopedic shoes or стелек. Well, if the data of the therapeutic methods used in the complex.

How to do the exercises?

The child, suffering from valgus feet, should move a lot.

In addition to the usual restorative exercise should be daily perform and the complex is specially designed to adjust the shape of the foot.

Well help such exercises as:

  1. Walk, relying on the outer side of the foot.
  2. Squats, without taking your feet off the floor.
  3. Walking along the elevated area (if there is such a possibility, the child may walk barefoot on earth, sand, pebbles). In the domestic conditions can be for the larger capacity насыпать sand or synod, in which the child has to walk a few minutes.
  4. In the tub pour a small amount of warm water (comfortable to the body), at the bottom of the tub put rubber massage pad. The child should walk on it for 5-10 minutes.
  5. The child can collect the fingers of the small objects scattered across the floor.
  6. From a sitting position, the child rolls over your feet (using the whole foot) a small ball from one place. Well, if its surface will be increased, in this case has a place still, and the effect of the massage.

Massage techniques

Massage is an effective way of correction of the valgus foot. It is necessary to put the child on a hard surface (пеленальный or massage table), under the коленки подложить soft pillow.

Massage start from the lumbar. For practice, use stroking, rubbing, kneading, compression operation and also похлопывания the pads of the fingers.

After switching to ягодицам and ножкам. Special attention should be paid to the back side of the shins. Here, movements can be more intense.

Further elaboration of the inner edges of the feet.

Here is the needed rubbing, pressing motion.

Massage movements may cause the child pain and discomfort, and then carry out the procedure should be the maximum caution. It is best if originally to entrust this work to a specialist.

Massage and gymnastics at flat-lingual installation of the tracks in this video:

Orthopedic shoes and insoles

For a successful correction of the valgus foot have to wear special shoes equipped with hard задником the instep. Shoes should give стопе the correct position and securely fixes it during the walk.

While the shoes should match the size of the child's legs, be made of quality material, not rubbing the skin, to ножкам breathe.

Such shoes cost somewhat more expensive than conventional, but its use – is a necessary condition for successful treatment.

Orthopedic insoles so contribute to the creation of the correct position of the feet when walking. The cylinder must be chosen in accordance with individual functions of the legs, the stage of development of pathology.

Indications for surgery

In some cases, the child, who have valgus feet, surgical treatment is prescribed. Testimony to the operation are such moments, such as:

  • the lack of the expected result when using conservative therapy;
  • rapid progression of the pathology, the formation of irreversible processes;
  • the availability of significant disorders that cause the child significant discomfort and pain.


To prevent the development of disease, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  1. The burden on the feet of the child should be the dosage and in a timely manner. In particular, you cannot put the baby on your legs, if the little has not reached yet 8 months of age. However, limit the child in physical activity is also not worth it. With 8-9 months the child useful regular moderate exercise.
  2. It is necessary to choose the right shoes. It must have a solid ground, holding the leg, супинатор, small heels.
  3. It is important to keep track of common well-being of the child, strengthen his immunity, take measures to prevent the development of rickets (sun bathing, administration of medication vitamin D).
  4. Gymnastics, massage in prophylactic purposes.

Upon the occurrence of the first symptoms of valgus feet, the urgent need to show the child a doctor, because this pathology has a tendency to прогрессированию.

If left untreated, the situation will deteriorate, provoking the development of more serious problems. The doctor will assess the condition of the crumbs, choose the appropriate methods of treatment.

In most cases, the use of conservative treatment methods, surgery is resorted to only rarely, only in very severe, advanced cases.

How to do the exercises