Effective exercises when a valgus deformity of the feet

Initially, what that shortcut on your feet seems just ugly, but over time, it will disturb when walking, selecting shoes, if you continue to do nothing, the animal will cause severe pain and eventually lead to disability.

The incidence of thickening on the basis of the big finger of the foot – it is a disease and as such, it develops in several stages. If you start treatment in the initial stage, then the disease will disappear, including through conservative methods, among which its place to occupy and exercise of the bumps on the legs.

exercise in a valgus deformity

Effective exercises when a valgus deformity of the feet

We've talked a lot with you about this issue, stop the feet, as valgus deformity of the big toe feet, when the joint around it is ugly bulge – bulge, which is due to joint changes in the feet, because of the exertion, associated with being overweight, wearing improper footwear and many other reasons. Treatment of Hallux Valgus will require from you much effort, time, and the whole set of activities, which includes the exercise in a valgus deformity, how to exercise, which we will now tell.

Highlight the arrival and stop further development of the curvature of the joint and the emergence of painful and unattractive bumps in the big toes, the German podiatrists was developed valgus orthopedic splint Hallufix, unique leg warmers, ypravlaushiy incorrect position of the joint and with the time that is the bone of the thumb legs a less. But the process to accelerate and consolidate the results, there is still some measures to strengthen muscles and arches. It is a complex exercise, not heavy gymnastics, which is very effective in the valgus deformation of the feet.

  1. So, to perform the first exercise, lie on the floor on your back. We make a simple and fairly common exercise – "bicycle". Simulates a ride on the bike, pull the socks legs forward, when the foot moves from each other, and therefore, pull your socks years ago, when the foot moves back. There is no need to talk to your feet up the lower part of the legs should move parallel to the floor. Exercise perform 8 to 10 times.
  2. Several of the following exercises performed in a sitting position on the floor. Lean hands on the floor in the back of each other, the legs are extended. Now alternately bend and straighten both legs. Follow from 7 to 9 times.
  3. The provisions of the same. Actively breed toes, how can the wider side. Linger in this position for a few seconds and return your fingers to the his original on the original. Perform 8-10 times.
  4. Same situation, with a focus hands on the floor. Squeeze the toes and do with their hands, as in the previous exercise. Do it maybe 6 times.
  5. Now sit on a chair. It is necessary to remove the soles of the feet, using only the toes forward and in the same way to remove the back. Do the exercises up to 8 times.
  6. And the final exercise in a sitting position on a chair. Hold a pencil or pen between the first and second finger on the leg. Now make a circular move them from left to right and then in the opposite direction. If you get bored of just drawing in the air circles and shapes, you can write the letters of the alphabet, or even paint the pencil on the paper before him.
  7. The last exercise of the complex is a gym in standing position. Goes alternately on the tips of his feet, he raised his hands up, on your heels, hands on hips, on the outer edges of the feet. When wired, you cannot walk on the inner edges of the feet. And the fourth exercise - pull your arms forward and walk, high lift your knees up.
  8. And what is the effective exercises against the stones, that can be performed in the premises. Pull straight legs, you can sit on the floor, on the chair, you will be comfortable. Pull on yourself first until it stops ankle, bending it, and then inch the feet, feeling this joint on which we are working right now. The second part - pull the legs apart, like a ballerina, and how you can bend your fingers, focusing on the large.

In addition to these exercises from the bumps in the big toes, often walking around in the summer barefoot on sand, grass, pebbles, in the cold at home on the tips of toes, heels, on the outer edges of the feet. Still very well sitting in front of the tv, the role of the legs of the legs and their different parties (external, heel, toed) spike the ball or roller. When the transverse flat feet cannot ride the roller, it is necessary to remember.