A Valgus deformity of the tibia

Crooked legs – it's not just a cosmetic defect, but often, and a serious illness, manifested by curvature of the shins. Depending on the shape of the foot differentiate varus deformity of the limbs (the limbs in the shape of the letter "O") and a valgus deformity of the limbs (the limbs in the shape of the letter "X"). Whether a person has a problem with his feet to grasp, is not difficult: any deviation from a straight line, carried out through the projection of the hip joint, the knee joint and the first interdigital margin notes on pathology. Still it is possible to ask the patient to keep the legs close together and try to squeeze your knees: when varus he just can't do it, because the knee joints will turn out, demonstrating a large gap between the legs. If your knees squeeze the person who has suffered valgus, then the shin off to the side, then when a difference of more than five inches they say about the availability of valgus abnormal development of the limbs.

The curvature of the

Help. A small deviation of the ankle towards the outside (up to 7° in men and up to 10° in women) is not considered a pathology. Valgus curvature is characterized by a large angle of curvature, in which was observed a significant difference of the lower limb in the closed lap. Interesting is, that in individual cases the reverse retro angiportum legs, characteristic for the varus deformity leads to progressive development of the patient's valgus curvature of.

The reasons for valgus deformity of the lower limb in children and adults

Sometimes a child is born with a genetic valgus curvature of the shins, but this pathology manifests most often after the child back on his feet. In addition, the thigh in children usually deformed as a result of the rapid growth of the bones in the background in the slow formation of the musculoskeletal system in general. When valgus curvature of the shins in the first place suffer from the knee joint, which leads to "pereleshina" legs in the knee area. If the child's valgus deviation of the limbs, then over time it is likely to develop flat feet and scoliosis.

The reasons for valgus deformity of the lower limbs in children:

  • hereditary or genetic diseases of the limbs;
  • a congenital defect of the lower limb;
  • diseases of bones and cartilage;
  • metabolic disorders (poor absorption of vitamins and minerals);
  • inflammatory processes;
  • rickets in severe form;
  • lack of calcium in the diet and which helps the absorption of vitamin D (perhaps because of a lack of exposure to the sun);
  • overweight.

The reasons for valgus curvature of the lower extremities in adults in many cases, "I come from childhood", because due to the slow development of the disease the apparent symptoms fully manifest themselves with age, for example, due to an increase in body weight. In addition, the deformation of the lower limbs (usually one) lead to injury of the lower extremities.

Symptoms of valgus deformity of the lower limbs

The main sign of a valgus twist – it's X-shaped shape of the foot, then there is an obvious shift of the axis of the limb. But only the external manifestations of matter is not limited to: a person experiencing pain during all movements of the lower limbs and feet, even during walking. The load on the prosthesis, it is distributed unevenly and basically falls on the knee and ankle joints, which are for this reason gradually collapses. If you do not start to treat the valgus deformation of the lower extremities, then the person loses the ability to move normally and become a basket case.

Surgical treatment of valgus deformity of the lower limbs

Fixes a defect during the remedial (varicose) osteotomy – an operation that removes part of the femur, and then spliced to the remaining part by using a compression-distraction osteosynthesis, what on a limb to set up the device Elizarova (with its help it is possible if necessary to extend the limb). If the patient are significant fractures of the knee joint, then in addition they do reconstructive chondroplasty. Surgical treatment of valgus deformity of the lower extremities is not performed in patients below 18 years of age, because of the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system in them is not yet fully formed.


Conservative treatment of valgus deviation of the lower limbs

If valgus of the tibia to diagnose in a timely manner, without waiting for changes of the joints, curvature of the limbs can be avoided. To a greater extent this applies to children who at the first sign of the disease is necessary to show the doctor-podiatrist. At all stages of valgus curvature of the lower limbs in children applying therapeutic physical training, massages, and in addition, we select orthopedic shoes, which allows to reduce the pressure on the joints. These techniques are suitable for the prevention of curvature of the legs in children. Special attention must be paid to nutrition – in diet is recommended to include foods rich calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D (dairy products, fish, eggs, nuts).

Physical exercise. Experts advise to ride a bike, swim, play ball and walk up the stairs. For patients valgus deformation of the forefoot designed complex of exercises exercise therapy. If pathology is detected in a child, then you need to learn to sit in the Turkish language (the legs touched each other, and knees were divorced in different directions).

Massage. When valgus deformity of the lower limbs it is important that the divergence of the ankles of progress, that is, increase the tone of the ligaments and muscles, and strengthen the limb. For this the patient is prescribed a course of massage, involving usually 15-20 sessions held through the day (every day). Courses, it is appropriate to repeat in two weeks or a month. The intensity of the treatment is gradually increasing, but the painful feelings to call may not. During a massage specialist first stroked, rubs and kneads the muscles of the gluteus maximus and lumbar region, and then acts on the muscles of the legs, work with the hips, knees and ankle joint.

Fake the curvature of the lower limbs

Valgus and varus – this is the actual deformation of the shins, but it happens and the fake curvature, in which the bones are straight, and the limbs seem to curves due to improper distribution or underdevelopment of the soft tissues, resulting in dysphonia of the calf muscles.

The fake curvature of the lower extremities to adjust the physical effort (while performing special exercises, you can "pump up", it means to increase in the range of sural muscle), the shaping of the plastic and the insertion of silicone implants (cruroplasty). Usually in the shape of the tibia changes the patients with rough, deformed and asymmetrical muscles of the lower limbs, among them many athletes and body builders, i.e. people for whom it is important to have a proportional body.

The most important thing about valgus deformity of the limbs

Question The answer
A distinctive feature of the the legs have a view of the letters Kh

in children: the hereditary factor, the problems of development of the fetus, lack of calcium and vitamin D.

in adults: injuries of the lower extremities.

What to look for pain when walking, problems with knee joints.
How to treat valgus curvature of the lower limbs

therapeutic exercise, massage, surgery (varicose osteotomy) with the subsequent wearing of the apparatus Elizarova.

The doctor turn to a podiatrist, surgeon.