What is Hallux valgus and how to treat патологию

The deformation of the big toes or Hallux valgus - one of the most common orthopedic problems, especially in women. "What" nasty bump on the edge of the foot, any shoes strongly натирает, appear corns, at the end of the day, your feet get tired. All this makes the lady change ones shoes from a model туфелек in the spoiled shoes, trying all kinds of "old wives '" remedies. What is Hallux valgus, how to get rid of suffering and return quality of life?

The notorious "what", "bumps" on their difficult medical language is called "Halyus deformation of the legs", or "Halyus Halyus stop". This deformation of the bottom of the legs, is presented in the form of a movement of change ones shoes axial center. Victims of the disease, often women, how beautiful the characters are spoiled fashion throughout life. However, the concept of "fashionable shoes" and "comfortable shoes" very often are far away from each other. Bundles of men stronger, so Halyus valgus arises in them most often as a result of injury.

By the way, Halyus valgus is a bone in the truest sense of the word. This is just a small хрящевой game effect, called upon to maintain the toe in a straight position. But in the ideal case. If the game results in increases bone formation of your legs are broken. Thumb starts to veer to one side and "hostages" to the neighbors, develops swelling, pain walking halo, maybe valgus. Wrong distributable load leads to problems with the spine, knee and hip joints.

In the ICD-10 Halyus Halyus passed on diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (part XIII). The code of Hallux valgus according to the ICD-10 refers to the part of the "Acquired deformation of fingers and toes" and has a numerical designation 20.1.

Heritage and fashion

Insidious what

My contribution to the emergence of Halyus Halyus (wrong name: halgus Halyus), involved in disorders in the endocrine system: it is not by chance "come across" actively growing during the климакса, when a woman is experiencing frequent hormonal disorders and lack of estrogen. Is it possible, and hereditary predisposition: Halyus valgus often leads a girl from moms and grandmothers.

This pathology, such as cross flat feet (this is often inborn), also leads to the formation of Halyus valgus. In the presence of flat feet is necessary to visit a doctor-orthopedist. There are many methods and tools that are able to suspend the development of flat feet. For example, the insole-супинаторы maintain the foot in a healthy situation and relieve the load during walking. We select such insole strictly individually in cooperation with your doctor. Also, when the transverse flat feet to apply therapeutic exercises, massage, physiotherapy.

Culprit the development of Halyus deformation can happen, and lose weight, is under pressure, of which the bones of the foot flattened. Fighting with obesity is not just to prevent overgrowth Halyus valgus on the big toes on the feet, but also reduce the load on the spine, will help to prevent a variety of сердечнососудистых disease.

Некомфортная or tight shoes leads also to the formation of "bumps". Especially on the lookout for should be treated on high hairpins with a sharp tip: in them, the burden falls on the front of the front legs, which gradually causes its deformation. The perfect choice for everyday wear - туфельки on a small (to 5 cm) of the fillet with a rounded toe and a soft sole.

How is Hallux valgus

Heritage and fashion

Develops Halyus for a very long time, and the greater the grade, the harder it is to complete the treatment. In the first stages of this disease only causes visual discomfort (crooked placement of the fingers on the feet and unsightly bumps). However, later ill become increasingly difficult to manage, picking shoes, to hide the mistake. Furthermore, there appear feelings of pain - both in motion, so be cool. Increase on your feet the time starts to take its toll on the quality of life of the patient, on his mood. The unsightly appearance no longer takes a back seat.

The course of this disease is in the science of customary divided into several degrees of difficulty. Only four of them. The simplest first degree of Halyus Halyus has differences from the last (fourth) degree of shift with your thumb relatively axis, the degree of the manifestations of painful sensations and increasing discomfort in everyday life. Remember: it is important to timely detect the disease in the primary form of its development.

The causes of inflammatory processes

Redness and swelling of the Halyus Halyus feet can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Acute rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Attacks of gout;
  • Bunions;
  • Osteoporosis and infectious arthritis.
These ailments are some of the common symptoms, but differ with the characteristics of the course of inflammatory processes in the period of exacerbation. For example, arthritis is accompanied not only by the redness of the cores and strong болевыми seizures, but also the overall increase in the temperature of the body.

When gout inflamed place can acquire dark bloody color, marked swelling, and even visually noticeable пульсацию. This disease is manifested by periodic bouts of pain and getting worse due to the abuse of fatty food.

Bunions - and this is a very cunning disease that can manifest after a lapse of several months. It significantly worsens the situation in the selection of treatment.

How it can be cured

Basically, treatment is aimed at eliminating the pain when Halyus Halyus. To relieve pain, your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy, local introduction glucocorticosteroid drugs (diprospander, kenologist). If there is a deformation of the joint is very express, possibly surgery.

To improve the quality of life of orthopedic silicone rollers, which leveled the joints (their invest between the first and second finger). There are still finger the concealer, which wears on the night (not allowing the fingers to deviate), and the special tires, which create a comfortable barrier between it and swelling of the fingers.
How is Hallux valgus

Folk methods of treatment

Suffering from pain during Halyus Halyus will help you relieve the following procedures:

  • On the night on the sick place place the slice on the soft of propolis and to continue such treatment to the visible results;
  • Mix 20 g of iodine and 10 crushed tablet of aspirin and lubricate the sore spot every day before night's rest;
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the Halyus valgus foot has a bath of a mixture of water (1 liter), iodine (10 droplets) and salt (2 teaspoons).

It must be remembered that these methods can only alleviate the suffering. For full-fledged same treatment visit the office of the doctor and often the doctor is inevitable.

Operative treatment

In severe cases, it is the method of choice is surgery. The simplest surgical correction is called the operations Shed. In this treatment of Hallux valgus is removed only accrued pine cones, i.e., as if спиливается, returning the feet of the former attraction. Reduce pain, legs are less tired. However, as the correction of the associated disease (eg, flat feet) is carried out at a Shed, the treatment effect is very short.

Another of the options of surgical treatment of Hallux valgus - offset плюсневых the bones in the correct position and the determination of their special spoke wheels. The disadvantages of these operations: three months later comes the need for operative removal of the building. A long time must limit the burden on the feet, use костылями. The difficult recovery period, pain and the need for repeated intervention, carried out this surgery is popular among patients and doctors.

In major surgical centers spend a different kind of surgery - osteotomy. There is more than 150 and methods of handling; the choice of method of operation depends on the extent of the disease, associated diseases and general condition of the patient.

When the osteotomy is already through the day you can get up and walk carefully, but after a few weeks - выписываться home. In addition to the how to get rid of Halyus valgus, performed with a sculpture of the tendons, исправляется transverse arches, flat feet is reduced. In severe cases, the bones are laid down special titanium pins, which then do not have to delete them.

The operation is performed with the use of epidural anesthesia, during which "turns off" only the lower half of the body. Is it a couple of weeks, the stitches are removed, plaster and crutches are not required. Some time may persist swelling, therefore, you will need a special walking mode: in special shoes - 1.5 months, without shoes - 3 months.

I have to work

When deciding on surgery, it is important to take into account the many shades, and this:

  1. The intensity and frequency of pain.
  2. The degree of deformation.
  3. Has Halyus deformation effect on the psychological status of the patient.

The surgery solves the not all patients. As usual, first trying treatment Halyus Halyus without surgery. Severe pain, feeling of discomfort, often - dissatisfaction with myself, feeling his inadequacy, the women lead to more radical efforts to cope with the disease. The selection of the surgeon and the method for manipulation - a complex and responsible task.

To avoid mistakes, remember: never trust the one expert! In the ideal case, better to turn to three different physicians, compare their opinions and only then decide about the surgery.