Orthopedic insoles in valgus deformity

For the correction of the distortion of the normal position of the foot in valgus deformity and for prevention of this problem is often used orthopedic inserts. These health products not only take off the load from different points of legs, but often eliminate emerging in the pathology of painful. Today on the market of medical products there are many companies that offer the potential consumer insoles, orthopedic. How to choose a suitable product and save? In what cases arises the need for the acquisition of goods? What types of are divided orthopedic insoles in valgus deformity? Reviews and opinions of people who used this product, what are they? The answers to these and other questions the reader will find in the materials of this article.

Orthopedic insoles

What is it?

Valgus deformity of the lower limb - the process of changing the shape of the foot, and consequently, the violation of the normal position of the legs. This disease - is a pathology specific and very frequent. For the correction of the manifestations of the disease special medical products - insole-arch supports, orthopedic, tires and so on. The use of this or that module depends on the zone of the lesion of the lower extremities. Pathology can be affected area from the first finger of the foot to the hip.

Valgus deformity of the big toe of the foot - a disease in which there is a breach of the provisions of the metatarsophalangeal joint, the result is to shift an inch to a foot. This violation has resulted in a change of the position of the other fingers of the feet.

View answers in a row (- valgus deformation of foot in common parlance is called flat feet, and manifests itself in the change of the direction of the axis of the foot. This disease develops even in children's years, and it is the cause of the disorder can be both congenital pathology and purchased - injury in the fracture or rupture of the ligaments; excess weight leading to increased load on the joints; paralytic condition, caused by a complication of osteomyelitis, and so on.

The defeat of the foot, ankle joint, hip

Valgus deformation of the leg develops from childhood, and may be a consequence of the fact that the child soon began to stand on his feet, or parents commit the child to stay for long in a standing position. In childhood, muscles and ligaments, is not strong enough, and increased them load leads subsequently to the rejection of the correct position of the axis of the lower limbs. As a result, the distance between the knees decreases, the tibia is moving in and the legs are gaining the x-like shape.

The initial changes relate to the knee joints. A child can up and apply on your hands, complain about fatigue and pain in the legs. If you do not take measures to remedy the situation stty pathology can lead to a curvature of the spine of the child. Valgus deformation of the ankle represents the deflection of the heel outward and the displacement of the foot inside.

When a valgus deformity of the femoral neck is the increase of corner of inclination of the cervix. Pathology in the majority of cases it is congenital and can occur on a background of dysplasia of the hip or thigh injury, but also be a consequence of disorders of the nervous system. Valgus deformity of the hip is often in combination with the deformation of the lower leg and foot.

Extent of breach

As previously stated, a valgus deformity of feet - it is the pathology of the position of the foot, which leads to the fact that the height of the legs is reduced, and its central axis is distorted. Fingers on the stop together with the heel twisted out. Sign of pathology is not only a cosmetic defect, which is very prominent, but also serious disorders in the body, for example, chronic bursitis, deforming arthrosis, etc., Auxiliary remedial agent in this pathology often behaves shoes with an orthopedic insole.

Bursitis - a disease of joints in which the inflamed slimy bags in the area of the joints. Deforming arthrosis - a pathology, the result of which is destroyed by the cartilage tissue of the joints.

We distinguish three degrees of valgus tension in accordance with the value of the angle between the first finger and the connective or of the metatarsal bone. In the first instance in patients with happening subluxation of the foot. The second degree of valgus deformation leads to the displacement of the tendon on his thumb. The third degree of pathology is associated with the fact that bone tissue in the area of destruction to its functional load.

Why the disease occurs, and what to do?

There are a number of factors that lead to the emergence of pathological changes in the body, among them one can distinguish:

  • being overweight, which creates an additional burden on the joints;
  • genetic factor - weak tendons;
  • hormonal disorders (for example, menopause, or insufficient/excessive function of the thyroid gland);
  • the emergence of a valgus deformity may prevent dna, which leads to the fact that in the joints you are going to salts of uric acid, precipitating the development of curvature;
  • unpleasant, too narrow or poorly over the entire length of the shoe;
  • regular operation of the high-heeled shoes;
  • pregnancy leading to increased load on the joints.

Completely cure the deformation of hard, but the pathology can be adjusted, minimizing the manifestations of the disease. There are surgical and conservative methods of therapy. To the first operative intervention, which solves the problem of skewed joints. This applies to more severe cases, when the disease is running.

The ball

For removal of light manifestations, pathology, and also with the aim of prevention of the disease apply conservative treatment. Among them - the daily gymnastics of the feet using a special sports equipment (balls), and also has applications in the everyday life of orthopedic products.


Orthopedic insoles, the price of which depends from the used in their manufacture the material, are used for the prevention and treatment of various kinds of mark all-valgus deformation of the feet. Often longitudinal flat feet exacerbates the incorrect position of the feet, shift it inside. As usual, orthopedic products is carried out in two variants - from the skin or from the health of the canvas.

Patients, who use orthopedic insoles in valgus deformity, the reviews left mostly positive. It is leather goods. They are durable, for them it is easier to take care, because the impurities are removed from the surface using any substances containing alcohol. Leather insole more stringent, however the price for them higher than insoles of the health of the canvas. Rag the same pads are available, they are softer and can be used for the correction of disorders in children.

It is important to note that the insoles are operated together with everyday footwear, in other words, the product is embedded inside the shoe, so the insole choose shoes with a high and solid enough, back. There is a possibility to fit a liner under the concrete shoes - the product can be trimmed, but only on the upper and inner edge. The outer part of the insole can not touch it.

Classification according to the degree of hardness

Shareware insole for correction of the deformity of the foot can be divided into three groups:

  • preventive;
  • curative and preventive;
  • healing.

For the prevention of disease is the best orthopedic shoe insoles - this is jewelry, that is a soft floral, that can quickly change its shape under pressure. These inserts can be used virtually in any closed shoes because slightly increase the fullness of the internal space of the shoe.

Therapeutic and preventive inserts - products with an average height of pillow, which is slightly smaller and practically does not govern the form when pressed. These insoles are made from leather materials and from the hygiene of the canvas. Use this product type shoes with a closed lifted back, and with a well establishing step buckle.


Therapeutic insoles - is it the goods, the arch supports in which the high, resembling in the shape of an arc. This type of orthopedic modules are used only in appropriate for the treatment of footwear.

Insoles orthopedic: how to choose

Today, they have the potential consumer has a choice - to buy ready-made cartridge with the specified parameters or produce a product to order with the parameters that most accurately satisfying the physiological function of the foot. There are also individualisierte insoles - orthopedic products, which are small, but to listening to the change of their physical parameters.

The main characteristic, according to which is selected, the insole, the length of the foot. The product can be purchased, with a focus on the metric parameter or by using the traditional shoe size, which will fully match the existing dimensions of the orthopedic insoles.

So as the material of the arch support may be different according to the density, when choosing a liner is to focus on your own feelings - try several types of products and choose the most convenient for you.

Orthopaedic insole must always perform their tasks - for the active load and the sport is suitable one kind for daily life - is another. So lovers of a quiet walk, and people whose work is associated with prolonged standing on the feet, it is worth to pay attention to the insole with the ground. These products are quite gentle and suitable for almost any everyday shoes.

However if one regularly arise the pain stop, will suit him soft insole - it is comfortable and convenient, but a little thicker common. For sports shoes are advised to choose the shoe insoles without the skeleton. They come in one layer and two layered, and therefore vary in thickness. Two-layer products are often used in rheumatoid arthritis. This arch support helps evenly distribute the load on the stop and relieve the pressure, attributable to "blister".

What to look for

It must be remembered that the orthopedic insoles - health care products, and if these are not preventive measures, but about the drug, it is necessary to choose only in accordance with the received diagnosis.

Orthopedic insoles are divided still into two types - kids and adults. Products for the smallest must be chosen carefully and only after consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. In children often occurs longitudinal flat feet, insole for them, often equipped with additional modules, which are designed to support the longitudinal arch of the foot. Insole is the same with three points of support are used to support longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot. Data products help reduce the burden on the heel.

Orthopedic insoles into shoes for adults are very variable and depending on the ongoing of the function is divided into:

  • semi-inserts, or insoles-arch supports orthopedic for women who wear high-heeled shoes;
  • longitudinal;
  • cross bars;
  • lengthwise-transverse;
  • inserts for treatment of heel spurs;
  • semi-insole-arch supports for preventing deformation of the feet;
  • wireframe insoles, which applies only to closed shoes.

Useful tips

Always keep in mind that the physiology of the foot over time slightly, but it changes, so every two years is recommended to change the liner, in this consultation at the doctor-orthopedist.

In the instructions on the care of the product are listed the recommendations that it is important to observe, and it doesn't matter from what material it is made insole. In addition, the factory insoles there are indications, among which, for example, a feeling of fatigue in the legs, pain in the stop on the background of the flat feet of different kinds, different length of the lower limbs, etc.

The effectiveness of the inserts is controlled by the own observations - the reasons for which the product is purchased, must if not disappear, even if they would clearly show.

In comparison with the goods, at the individual order, the more the technology is still considered finished orthopedic insoles. When the valgus deformation feedback on their effectiveness vary, but the majority of people finds that the operation of the product improves the quality of life - pain in the legs, are less load on the legs is reduced, the walk more comfortable.


In addition to orthopedic insoles for the correction of skewed joints and reduction of pain syndrome of the big toes is used valgus tire - it's a kind of leg warmers, which time corrects the incorrect position of the joint.

In addition to the use of orthopedic products for repair of pathological changes, is useful to strengthen the muscles and arches of the feet with the help of special exercises and massage.

To sum up the whole of the above, it can be concluded that a valgus deformity - a disease that often develops in childhood. To prevent the occurrence of serious pathologies, it is important to begin recovery actions as soon as possible. Use in the therapy of orthopedic modules leads to good results.

Inserts can be made of different materials and also massive, or to order, what actually depends on their price. To achieve a positive therapeutic effect of vote in the standard size of the shoes and invest in shoes with a solid back must have orthopedic insoles in valgus deformity. Reviews of people who use this medical product, is indicative of achieving a good effect, but only when properly selected module and the constant of its operation.