Symptoms and treatment of valgus deformity of the big toe feet

The disease mostly affects women, but it can develop in men.On the basis of pathology – twisting and deformation of the joints of the hock, which is expressed in the fact that they are deformed. The front part of the foot is growing strongly, ligaments and tendons significantly shifted from their places.

a valgus deformity of the finger


To say exactly, why will appear this pathology, there is no way. There may be involved both external and internal factors. In the first place – it is heredity. The disease most often arises in these women, if it was in the mother.

One more risk factor that can be considered the most significant – the female sex. For men it is the pathology occurs several times less often, and for them it is rather an exception.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes and high-heeled shoes a long time also can be considered as a factor in the development of pathology. When this burden will fall exactly to your fingers, and begin to deform.

One more is a significant risk of – cross flat feet, which negatively affects the muscles and ligaments. And finally, the cause may be called overweight, bruises, injuries and other damage to this part of the foot.


It is very important notice the availability of the deformation of the first finger already in the first stage. Only in this case, the treatment will be successful and quick. With this fix everything you can without the help of surgery. Total adopted to distinguish the 4 stages of this process.

In the first instance there is only a small deviation of the first finger – not more than 20 degrees. No discomfort it brings.

In the second stage the angle of deviation is already more than 20 but less than 30 degrees.

In the third stage, the finger can move at 50 degrees, others are also greatly deformed. Mobility is limited, they appear the first feelings of pain.

In the fourth phase deviation of more than 50 degrees, occurs the deformation of the entire foot, the pain becomes constant.

This is one of the most unpleasant and dangerous diseases. So when the first symptoms need to see a doctor for diagnosis and determining the correct treatment.


Valgus deformation of the first finger, the legs has its own symptoms. In the initial stage, there is a cup of bulging of the nuclei, mainly, that becomes noticeable on a large finger. No discomfort or pain the patient is in the clinic most of the women go rushing in.

Gradually the big toe starts to deviate from its normal position. Appear heaviness in the legs, a little pain, which arises during prolonged walking or prolonged stay in a standing position. It becomes impossible to walk in heels, it is necessary only to shoes with a flat surface and a wide nose.

With the development of the main symptom is becoming a pain. It may take in throughout the day and even at night. Begins with inflammation of the joints may redden and swell.

In the fourth phase of deformation is noticeable very strongly. It affects various joints of the legs. The pain can increase several times and is also present constantly.


Yourself known the disease is a toy. But for accurate diagnosis is needed radiography. Also the disease can be, and is not a stand alone, but be cause of arthritis, gout and other diseases of the skeleton.

If the disease is in the first stage, then, for its diagnosis it is necessary to use the method the MRI-scan.

How to get rid of

Treatment of valgus deformity should be performed only by a doctor. It is advisable to do in the first stage. Originally appointed as a conservative therapy, which helps the majority of patients with this diagnosis, but it must be remembered that the treatment will be lengthy and necessarily complex.

If there is present an inflammatory process, in the first place it is necessary to get rid of. The most commonly used special gels and ointments.

Important to wear only orthopedic shoes, which will be stitched only on order. If you are overweight, should be normalize food, like a big burden on the feet, is not conducive to their health.

If conservative therapy proved to be impotent, is applied surgical treatment. Most often it is completely removed by yourself what performs restoration of the ligaments and fixation of the joint special board.