How to do massage when valgus deformity of the forefoot in children

Implementing massage baby with a diagnosis of "valgus deformity" of the foot, it is important to remember the basic rule – do no harm. Proper implementation of massage movements helps to rebuild the legs, relieve tension, tones the muscles of the legs and feet, turns robust, flexible, agile and hardy.

Massage when valgus deformity of the forefoot in children

Also, thanks to massage accelerates blood circulation. This factor over time normalizes the development and growth of the feet in children suffering from curvature of the limbs. How to do medical massage, tell the experts.

Step by step instructions to massage in a valgus deformity of the feet

As a massage zone in the child that will have to study adults, doctors secrete:

  • back;
  • the lower part of the back;
  • buttocks;
  • the joints and muscular area of the lower limbs;
  • the soles of the feet.

The first question that is asked by parents: how need to tuck the child, and to them it was comfortable to perform the massage, the manipulation, the child afraid of? Changing table cover with a soft towel or blanket. Place the infant so that his legs hanging down from the border of the table.

Under your feet should be a small pillow, better if it is made in the form of a roller.

Now repeat these manipulations:

  1. Starts therapeutic sessions with the strokes along the spinal column. Gently and at the same time spend a palm on the soft skins, Pat the area from the lumbar to the cervical including. Gradually increase the amplitude of movements, overlaps the entire area of the back, hips and armpits.
  2. After the strokes go to a massage with a little intensity. How to do it correctly? Milling massage when valgus deformity of the forefoot in children is done by the fingertips, is characterized by the entire area of the backrest of the child. Next, bend your fingers so that the tips touched to the palm. Educated combs repeat the rubbing. Give attention to one hand moved in one direction and the other in another. Imitate the saw.
  3. Valgus deformity of the forefoot in children
  4. Gently stroke the backrest of the child.
  5. Now continue to massage the lumbar-sacral land. Alternate between each other stroking and rubbing. To avoid skin irritation child, it is recommended to apply on hand a small amount of baby cream. An exception is patients, prone to allergic rashes on the skin. Strokes result from the lumbar spine, moving smoothly down, up, sideways. In the same ways, carry out rubbing.
  6. Buttocks massage in circular movements and the cross. Friction involves the use of the back side of the fingers. Good porridge muscles, gently knock on the buttocks of the child.
  7. Again, practice stroking.

Function of foot massage

To quality do massage the child's feet, we recommend that you stick to such a sequence of exercises:

  • stroke the entire surface of the legs;
  • to perform the stroking of the thighs, from the dimples, located below the knee, on the outside of my hand;
  • mash the muscles on the back side of the lower extremities, to expend a little effort;
  • rub the skin;
  • pat on the legs of the child palm, alternately shutting and opening of the fingers;
  • at the conclusion of the stroke the legs.

Massage of the lower limbs for the little patients with different degrees of development of a valgus deformity of the foot can vary slightly. Focus should be on the general condition of the child. This will help you determine the attending physician. Stroking is done from the heel to the popliteal fossa. The outer side of the tibia capture may not. Please note the relaxing manipulation:

  • stretching the muscles;
  • stroking;
  • shaking.

As far as the inner side of the calf muscle, the use of enemy equipment. Welcome energetic rubbing the back of his hand. Kneading spends the pads of the fingers with the application of force. After the transition to a massage of the lower limbs on the inside of his hand.

Massaging the feet, it is important to give your legs the child the correct posture – the feet must rush in. Take the palm of one's feet and vigorously RUB. Watch the reaction of the child, the massage, he must like it. If a child is crying and nervous, it means that the painful and uncomfortable. Such manipulation will only cause harm.

The ground and knead the also the kickoff, which is trapped between the heel and fingers of a child. The top of the foot stroke gently. Especially work great hansel.

Therapeutic exercises in the valgus foot

If the condition of the feet in the infant changing slow pace, you can add the performance of therapeutic exercises. The task of parents – opposition to a curvature of sufficient physical activity. These simple movements:

  • the twists and turns the soles of the feet inside;
  • flexion of the legs after the rear side;
  • flexion of the feet and toes;
  • the twists and turns of feet, grasping and holding them small toys;
  • rotational movement of the foot.

Valgus deformity of the forefoot in children without punishment. In a timely manner, consult with your doctor and yourself do not remain aloof. Follow your doctor's recommendations and don't forget every day to do massage and therapeutic physical training.