Valgus deformity of the forefoot in children this is the disease which is detectable in the infant up to a year.

What is this pathology?

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In the child to mark all of valgus feet is a defect, characterized by X-piece of the curvature of the axis of the bone and reduction of its height. As regards the diseases of bone in children turned out, as would decreased the average separation of the foot, and causes a clumsy gait. This process is accompanied by pain in the legs and increased fatigue.

Children's surgeon already in the external point of view can establish the diagnosis of curvature of the legs of the child. When it necessarily need to do chest x-rays in three planes. In addition, the treatment in children a valgus deformity of the foot is accompanied by the mandatory wearing orthopedic shoes, massage, exercise therapy, overlay orthopedic tyres. The orthopedist may also assign additional exercises, in the performance of which will strengthen the muscles of the legs of the little patient.

Perform can parents alone at home, if the doctor will give you appropriate recommendations.

Physiotherapy is usually simple, because the main part of the massage practice makes an expert. For greater convenience to perform medical gymnastics need a massage pad.

Doctors specializing in orthopedics, so the label, they recommend the installation of the feet in children, because he realized the need for bone recovery. Using massage Mat during valgus stop at the children, the parents will be much easier and more convenient to carry out the determination of the orthopedist. If it is the location of the event, is not amenable to corrective similar methods, then surgery may be needed.

How to identify the disease

If in the formation of bones in a child there is a change, is it for parents, the main thing in time to pay attention to this problem. In such a case, the treatment will be not only timely, but also efficient. To the fact that parents at home can do these simple tests.

The Test first. Lubricate the legs of the toddler butter, covering the butter completely pay special attention to the edges of the tracks, greased them the most. Put the baby on a clean white A4 sheet of paper. The feet must stand on a small distance from each other and keep them parallel.

On a sheet of paper to soak the oil exactly in those places where it is knee child fully in contact with the surface of the paper. Lift the child up and carefully inspect its tracks, pay attention to the inner contour of the tracks. In the evaluation consider the age characteristics of the child.

As the second option will satisfy the test of "coins". The child stand barefoot on a smooth floor. Joints, which requires authentication, it must be about 50 cm forward.

You can take a small coin, I'll put it so that it was opposite of the inner edge of the foot, which put to the test.

the child's leg

The distance between the coins and the foot should be 8-12 see

Fingers on the coins click in such a way, that had slipped to the middle of the soles of the feet of the child. The inner edge should be a few elevated above the floor, forming, thus, the state, and coins when pressed with your finger under it disappear completely, or half.

If the coin face the foot and does not penetrate beneath it, at least partially, it means that it is possible that the child flat feet, or is formed by the valgus in the pits. In such case necessarily require the implementation of special exercises in the valgus deformity of the forefoot in children.

Characteristics of the disease

Change the type of legs in the case of a valgus deformity is done so that if your knees baby squeeze them hard, then between her ankles distance reaches 4-5 cm. The heel and toes when it will be rejected on the outside, while inside, on the contrary, the fall of the inner surfaces. Curvature of the legs is in this case X-shaped.

If this is the curvature of the legs Of the shape, then it is a curvature of the legs.

If the valgus deformity is fraught with reduction in the height of the arch of the foot, then mark all-valgus deformation. More often it is this form of the disease occurs in the pediatric orthopedics and pediatrics.

The causes of the disease

Causes deformation of bones in children may be different, in addition, they can be purchased or congenital. If this is the case when the defect is congenital, it is a violation of the shapes of the bone is carried out even in the prenatal period of development of the embryo. Then the deformation can be diagnosed already in the first two months after the birth of a child.

The most severe congenital deformities are cases under the names "vertical taran" or "rocking chair". This disease is associated with congenital deficiencies of the tendon-ligamentous apparatus, moreover, it is happening on the background of the abnormalities in the development of the musculoskeletal system of the child. At 10-12 months, as a rule, your mom can notice these variations, because the child begins to walk.

Most often these disorders occur in toddlers who have muscle hypotension. The causes can be due to a congenital weakness of connective tissue, intrauterine hypotrophy, prematurity of the child, and because of frequent diseases in childhood, pneumonia, bronchitis, and SARS.

Doctors there are three degrees of severity of the disease: mild, moderate and severe.

Sometimes the development of this disease occurs after injury to muscles, ligaments and bones of the lower extremities after a long stay in a cast.

Among the causes of this disease may be:

  • the early productions of the child on the legs;
  • incorrectly matched shoes;
  • the lack of movement in the family, or in pre-school establishments;
  • osteoporosis;
  • all sorts of injuries.

In order to prevent the need to make the following recommendations to pediatricians:

  • necessarily to undergo regular medical checkups with a podiatrist;
  • wear the correct footwear, in which there is little arch support, a solid high back and the bending of the sole;
  • take the medication and stick to the rules of rehabilitation to carry out the prevention of rickets.
  • it is not worth burdening the feet of the child earlier than 7-8 months.

In terms of healing, then you need to take in consideration that flat feet – is it a serious problem only in the case when the knee is not only flat, but cause the child pain and anxiety, when walking or running. If socks baby while walking normal, do not disturb him, then treatment in a child to mark all of valgus feet will not need it at all.

children's orthopedics

If the knee when touched hurts, stiffly moves, this is a situation that requires immediate treatment.

There is no longer need the skilled help of the orthopedist. The doctor will help you choose the right form of treatment, assess the severity of the disease. It may be the installation of the prosthesis by using a special shoe, or the same marking operations.