Shoes in valgus deformity of the foot in adults

There vine and valgus type of deformity, in which the shape of the joint looks dramatically opposite. When varus variation of the patient's feet resembling the letter O, and in the valgus - point Agricultural Both types of the disease have in common and different symptoms, accompanied by painful sensations in the patient. The unusual appearance of the deformation of the foot - valgus requires the selection of special orthopedic shoes.

a valgus deformity of the feet shoes

The effectiveness of wearing orthopedic shoes in valgus

This disease represents a pathological curvature of the phalanges of the first finger, the change of the other fingers. Outwardly, the disease looks like a flattening of the foot and their offset to each other. In the part of the ankle will appear to warp, resembling the letter X, and the heel rests the inner side. Shoes in valgus deformation of the leg, in adults, should be a specialized and often custom made.

Shoes for valgus feet must be purchased in a specialty store. Correctly selected shoes or boots greatly simplify the life of the patient, the sufferer of the data of the disease. Orthopedic insoles will create additional comfort for the sick legs. Orthopedic shoes when the problem of a valgus deformity of the foot is selected, when the doctor performs the intramural examination of the patient and take his recommendation.

Most often disease prone women. Specialized footwear has a number of active properties:

  • helps to eliminate pain, discomfort in the process of walking;
  • suspends the process of change in a large finger;
  • prevention is the bunion, corns;
  • fall swelling and fatigue;
  • going on, the rational distribution of the burden. This is especially true for girls, who suffer from overweight.
In addition to the above indicators, orthopedic a few reduces the load on the spine, knees, reduces the tension in the calves of the legs. Shoes, made from natural materials, contributes to a good heat transfer and prevents the formation of mold and mildew.

Currently, disease prevention is possible, if the wearing of a specialized few. Every orthopedic salon will offer a large assortment of boots, shoes, sandals with a special insole. If it is necessary to wear a special sample in the therapeutic and regenerative purposes much more efficient to do a custom model according to the individual functions of the feet of the patient.

What you need shoes in valgus installation stop

If the patient set the diagnosis flag all-valgus feet, 1 phase, there are several options when choosing the desired shoes. It should be with the instep, a high back, which helps to hide the ankle joint. Liners are selected by standard, but to a specialized salon.

In the 2 stage of the disease is designed in a supine couple with a high back, which closes the ankle. Is it possible to purchase the standard options orthopedic inserts in my shoes. Often the orthopedist recommends the purchase of custom-made samples.

In the 3 phase of the chosen few with the instep, and a high back, which hides the ankle. This can pose a sandals, loafers or sneakers. Insoles are advised to make to order in a special center. In the cabin they can pick up the special pads of silicone, which to help repair the placement of your fingers on the legs.

Specialized shoes will help in the initial stages as the prevention of the development of the disease. It is needed by adults who have a predisposition to flat feet transverse arch of the foot. It is useful to see who is the weak muscle, the ligament of the musculoskeletal system, it is used in addition to curative and preventive activities (exercise therapy and massage).

With the presence of more significant pathology it is worth it to turn to the experts for the production of specialized footwear. Many experts are convinced, made according to individual standards of shoes will greatly facilitate painful sensations in people with exceptional bone on the big finger of the foot.

It is necessary to avoid products with moderate or high soles. During an exacerbation or treatment of diseases can not wear sneakers, narrow, unpardonable ventilation of shoes. It is worth it to avoid causing a nuisance samples. The size and shape should approach to the patient is ideal. It is worth it to avoid the possibility of too low soles. This will result in uneven distribution of weight, the whole burden will have to be on the heels, which will lead to the progression of the disease.

Special footwear should conform to certain international standards. Must be made from hypoallergenic materials, the color must not fade or paint a skin cover. The top jewelry is made from real leather, sole - have elasticity. Inside are the necessary orthopedic inserts for shoes made of leather. Back every couple must clearly fixes the heel and socks - to be wide for comfortable movement of the patient.

It is worth paying attention to thermoregulation, the lack of moisture in the process of socks. To avoid the painful feelings of is used soft, valgus litter.

Rules for the selection and wearing

A long walk leads to the fact that the foot experiences a base-load, creating the effect of a certain release. When the foot is deformed, it causes an irregular pressure on the spine, joints. Activates significant, dangerous changes in a person's body.

A number of rules that you should follow, if it is diagnosed with flat feet or flat-louvre the possibility of the disease:

  1. You cannot buy shoes on a flat sole.
  2. Heel height must not exceed 1 cm.
  3. The rise of the bot should occur from mid-foot.
  4. It is worth it to choose environmentally safe materials.
  5. The size should match the leg of the patient.
  6. New shoes should not cause discomfort.

In the first stage of the disease it is worth it to choose your options on the uniform, low-heeled shoes. This will contribute to the fact that the foot was in the anatomically correct position. No need to buy wedgies, sandals on the platform. These options limit the flexion of the foot and increase the burden. A good alternative happens leather a pair of sandals. Pay attention to the outsole was flexible and the back support of the tibia.

If you experience discomfort, coated with the product it is better to change it to suede or carried out of nubuck. Data materials are much softer, letting more air in. The correction in the 1 stage of the disease, it is possible, if the shoes selected correctly.

When the patient 2 the degree of this disease, the deformation and the finger with the bone clearly visible during the visual inspection the doctor. Happening a burden when walking, patients experience pain in the ankle. Shoes for the correction of valgus foot in this stage require more specialized. People engaged in active sports, it is important to collect anatomical insole in the orthopedic salon. Provide a comfortable situation, release tension from the feet.

If the patient has 2 stage of the disease, must adhere to the following rules:

  • choose a model with thick back;
  • socks must have a round or square shape;
  • it is worth to use orthopedic insoles;
  • choose a model lace-up, in order to better control the perimeter of shins, soles of the feet;
  • buy a special card for your fingers.

The staging of the 3 degrees of the disease is characterized by the fact that the pathology has clearly expressed changes. An adult, a person experiences severe pain, difficulty in movement. Reduction of physical activity and a ban on the sport load increase soreness in the joints. The strong curvature of the soles of the feet, the toes leads to the formation of corns. The third degree of the disease is characterized by a significant deviation of the heel on the outer side. Reduce the feelings of pain will help specialized shoes plus is a healing correction. Pathology requires specialized, immediate treatment by a specialist.

The prognosis of treatment and possible complications

In the third stage of the disease is strictly prohibited socks sports models. If the patient continues to wear poorly chosen few, there is a risk of distortion of the discs in the spine. Even the bone in the skeletal structure will be prone to deformation. Treatment is carried out after carrying out the necessary diagnostic studies, the installation of the diagnosis. The last stage includes only the operational methods of treatment. Surgery, gives the chance to remove the painful feelings, and the dog may have original appearance. If diagnosed in the initial stage of the disease, will help the patient to conservative treatment. It means, wearing orthopedic shoes and insoles. orthopedic products can repair small curvature, removes sensations of pain.

Therapeutic physical education, gymnastics you a patient in the rehabilitation process, if it has already been moved operations. Therapeutic massage, physiotherapy serves as a good supplement to a comprehensive therapy. Any recommendations, instructions, orthopedic surgeon must be followed. In case of delay seeking medical help, are possible serious consequences in the form of deformation of the joints.