Valgus deformity of the big toe the feet, the legs, the ways, how to cure without surgery

treatment of valgus deformation of the big toe

Valgus deformation of foot - it is today one of the most common pathologies, manifested in the refusal of the thumb feet inside the legs. In addition to the ugly kind, this pathology disrupts the whole patterns of the legs: the ligaments, tendons, joints and bones.

In addition to the occurrence of bulging of the bone on the inner side of the legs and curvature of the finger, maybe speech and other orthopedic diseases, these include:

  • chronic bursitis;
  • varus domestic deviations of the metatarsal bone;
  • deforming arthrosis;
  • ecstasy of the head of the bone;
  • combined or cross flat feet.

The reasons for valgus deformity of the foot

Factors, which provoke the education of cores on the legs, can occur several. Their number can be attributed, and the genetic location to this disease, and the presence of inflammatory processes in the joints and ligaments.

Also complications in the form of bulging of the nuclei on the feet may occur due to these diseases of the feet such as flat feet, and clubfoot deformity.As usually, this pathology is more exposed to women, they have a valgus deformity of the thumb is a very common orthopedic problem after 30 years.

Probably the most popular reason education valgus deformity of the foot in young girls is a constant socks of a beautiful, but uncomfortable, too narrow shoes and models on a large heel.

This includes socks, a very short shoes, and also shoes in a smaller size, when the fingers on your feet the whole time they are in an unnatural, forced position, contributes to the education of bursitis of the thumb (and he, and may provoke valgus deformation of the foot).

The reasons for a valgus deformity of the feet

Permanent curvature of the legs at some point and leads to the formation of wounds. Despite these bulging bumps will start to deliver quite a painful sensations and discomfort.

On the basis of a valgus deformity of the finger is also a congenital weakness of the connective and bone tissue, and this leads to the formation of flat feet (by rather, it refers to the women, because in them is the connective tissue is by nature very weak and prone to quickly deform in the presence of negative factors).

It is necessary once again to emphasize that the deformation of the legs, in the first place, is doing poorly matched shoes. Shoes with a narrow nose or on large heels creates an uneven load on the front part of the foot, for this reason, the passage of time and will appear the deformation of this land, there is arthrosis of the thumb.

With regard to the best way out of this situation - is it highlighting the manifestations of this disease. If you suddenly find, that celebrates the deformation of the legs and animal has already started to grow - it is necessary to urgently seek medical help.

To sum up this section, it is possible to allocate such reasons, in the result of which appears valgus deformation of the big toe:

  • Osteoporosis - when this disease occurs, the output of calcium from the bones, and also changes their structure. That and causes deformation of bones and feet.
  • Flat feet - almost every patient who is suffering from this pathology, it is also available and cross flat feet. Many of them determine and a longitudinal flat feet.
  • Genetic location of the disease - is not a strong muscular-ligamentous system can be from birth. In this case, it is a relatively high risk of developing flat feet, which is the cause of valgus deformity of the foot.
  • Overweight - in the event of excessive weight there has been an increase in the load on the legs and the formation of flat feet, and no longer as a result of this, and formed a valgus deformation of the big toe.
  • Disorders of the endocrine system - because of the significant changes in the hormonal background, for example, in the case of menopause or pregnancy, or even just a minor, but recurring to his vibration, conditional menstrual period - all of which can be the cause of the weakening of the ligamentous apparatus, and, as already above said, and leads to the formation of flat feet and deformity of the foot.
  • Improperly selected footwear (on this in more detail is referred to at the beginning of the section on the causes of the disease).
  • Also on the reasons for the formation of pathology belongs and various damage to your feet.

The varieties of the disease

The varieties of the disease

In medicine there are such varieties of valgus deformation of foot:

  • congenital;
  • static;
  • the outcome of treatment of clubfoot;
  • rachitic;
  • paralytic;
  • traumatic.

In addition, there are three phases of the valgus deformity of the big toe feet, which are dependent on the angle of its deviation:

  • The first phase - the finger rejected less than 20 gr.;
  • The second phase - the finger refused to 25-35 gr.;
  • The third phase - the finger rejected at an angle of over 35 degrees.

Signs and symptoms of

For the determination of the orthopedic pathology in the early stages, it is necessary to know, which occur in the primary occurrence of the disease. The normal appearance of symptoms, we differentiate with respect to its phase.

In the initial stage of the disease it is possible to distinguish the following appearance:

  • The first and main symptom of the disease is painful and discomfort while walking, difficulty with wearing shoes, availability, fast fatigue, the formation of painful corns, and corns. After a time there is a change in the position and shape of the joints of the first and second finger of the foot, forming the "bumps", skin cover in the area of the wound has a red color, is a small swelling in this area.
  • The skin in the area of the underwire has a significant abrasion.
  • About the availability of this illness talking and painful, "gnawing" discomfort in the feet, aggravated during motion.

At the middle stage of a valgus deformity:

  • Typical education cornflower below the average and third phalanges of the finger.
  • Typical are swelling and painful sensations of the affected segment, education, growths in the parts of the first head of the phalanx.
  • In the joints to celebrate the inflammatory process.

At the neglected stage of pathology:

  • In this stage varies severe pain on the soles of the feet and in the big finger.
  • The skin under the 2 and 3 articles of the fingers covered by corpulence and calluses.
  • Can the naked eye see the bulging game result-thorn.

Diagnosis of the disease

In the first stage at the time of diagnosis of valgus deformation of the big toe is an eye examination by a doctor and determine the stage of the disease.

During the examination are taken into account, in what condition the plantar surface, the elasticity (turgor) of the upper part of the foot, and also the vascular status is defined by the tactile sensitivity of the feet and the functionality of the phalanx.

The doctor is obliged to consider all possible restrictions on the movements of the leg, in order to accurately determine the cause of the pathology. Using the distance between the metatarsal heads determine the degree of deformation of the finger.

Most often the complaints of the patients include: a feeling of heaviness after strenuous exercise, gnawing pain in the front part of the foot, stiffness in movement.

Other ways

Also there are a number of other diagnostic methods:

  • Using computer analysis - podometry, gives the opportunity to detect the pressure on the feet.
  • The analysis of the image of the foot - provides the maximum opportunity to accurately determine the extent of the likely flat feet, also determines the degree of load on the legs.
  • To reveal the detailed changes of the feet, the sick to send for chest x-rays.

According to all the results of this comprehensive diagnosis and selects the appropriate methods of treatment of deformities of the feet.



Because the symptoms, which are similar to the symptoms of valgus deformation of foot, can be observed also in other orthopedic diseases of the foot, then for a start it is necessary to consult with an experienced specialist who can give an accurate diagnosis. If a diagnosis is just the disease, it is possible to perform the treatment. You need to be prepared for the fact that it will be quite time-consuming and protracted.

Treatment of deformation of the thumb can be divided into two kinds: surgical and conservative. The last look is applied in the initial stages of the disease and, unfortunately, not completely in all cases, has a completely positive result. Regardless of that, thanks to the timely and proper access can significantly slow down the further course of the deformation or the time to postpone the implementation of the operation.

Consider the details of the methods of conservative treatment:

  • medical therapy, consists in entering into the cavity of the joints of the hormonal drugs (for example, such as for example hydrocortisone or diprospander). They remove the inflammatory process;
  • rehabilitation course;
  • the use of arch support, night tires and orthopedic shoes, and also insoles and interdigital pads, orthopedic correctors (the use of these products is a little bit slows down the development slow down the disease process, removes painful sensations and corrects the walk).

Also in the drug treatment may indications corticosteroids and at the same time with them using anti-inflammatory drugs. For a better result here is added together and the rehabilitation course. In the event that the valgus is due to some systemic disease, then to start to define the causes that provoked the basic pathology that brought a valgus deformity of the foot, and heals her.

During treatment, an important role has properly chosen for each patient's orthopedic shoes. It must have a certain softness, wide sock, it is possible to heel not more than 4 years, look At the first stages of a valgus deformity, the treatment begins with recommendations concerning the proper choice of footwear with a wide toe, which will eliminate the discomfort and reduces the pressure free and enjoyable, it will not allow subsequent deformation.

Very frequently valgus deformation of the big toe foot accompanied by a flat-lingual deformity - flat feet. During flat feet is changing the direction of the axis of the legs and dropping his state. In this case, the shoe is bound to have a tight arch support, as well as the hard and high ground. It is very important to use orthopedic insoles, the best option - that is, if their personal wishes, in this case, it is possible to take in the accounts of even the slightest features of the foot of the patient.

If we take into account physiotherapy, then there is a pretty good effect has shock-wave therapy. Due to its therapeutic action increases the the circulation of blood in the place of the victim, but also reduces the swelling and painful feelings.

Surgery is usually used already in more advanced stages of the disease. Operation valgus deformity of the feet can be done in the initial stage, in this case, is a surgical procedure, at the same time it is also the prevention of arthrosis of the joints. Modern technology implementation of the operations is not destroying the joint, while maintaining his mobility and ability to work.

Today it is known more than 100 different ways, how the operation of valgus deformation of foot. A common task of data ways is to reduce the angle of the shift finger, that gives the opportunity to put it into the correct position.

There are also such options operations:

options operations
  • removal of neoplasms functional way;
  • implantation of the joints;
  • reconstruction, deformation of the bones;
  • the proximal and distal osteotomy, it consists in changing the angle between the phalanges;
  • operations, by means of which the balanced muscles around the joints;
  • transplantation of tendons;
  • arthrodesis - fixation of the joint;
  • and about 93 ways, which are selected individually.

Rehabilitation after surgery can take 1-2 months, therefore, in the course of 1.5 months, doctors recommend to wear orthopedic shoes, that securely captures the injured limb and provides her peace of mind while driving.

In addition to the above methods of treatment without surgery, are in the early stages of the disease a good result shows the implementation of the special exercises. Strengthen weakened muscles, develop your fingers on the legs. The main thing is to make of every day and without omission.

In addition to exercise, it is still necessary and a day to perform a tonic massage, but not only feet, but also your back, hips, buttocks.

And in the end, it is necessary to talk about the prognosis of this disease. While not strong deformation, if treatment is started in the initial stage, it is possible to maintain the function of the joints of the feet, as well as their appearance. In the advanced stages of painful feelings can remain even after performing the operation. Due to the fact that it is important that all the time to take care of health, and when they appear some suspicion of valgus deformation, immediately contact your doctor. I think it's unacceptable, it's just a tighten disease.