Orthopedic shoes for kids in a valgus deformity

One of the most private reasons appeal to the podiatrist is incorrect determination of the stop. Many children are finding a valgus deformity. It is a condition in which the heel of the deflected outwards and the foot tilts to the inside. When determining the situation will help orthopedic shoes for children. In valgus deformity, it is salvation.

Diagnosis of problems

Orthopedic shoes for kids in a valgus deformity

The most common diagnosis, which is expressed by the orthopedist in his office, is to mark the all-valgus installation stop. The parents themselves may have problems, if they know what is different about these children. In children with the view answers in a row (- valgus deformation you may notice that the heels and toes are repelled out, while the middle part of the foot sags. In a standing position you may notice that the leg of the child form the letter "X". Usually parents pay attention to the shoes, which quickly wear out. The sole is erased and deformed from the inner side.

Often these children:

  • complain of pain in the legs, which shows the area of the feet and knees;
  • characterized by increased fatigue.

Some may evening appear swelling in the ankles, feet. Rectify the situation can only be the case if the parents go to a podiatrist and they will perform all of its recommendations. Often doctors prescribe massage, physiotherapy. And clean up the boats and consolidate the result should help orthopedic shoes for children in a valgus deformity. But also need to be able to correctly choose from.

Causes deformation of the stop

Causes deformation of the stop

Many parents think about whether you orthopedic shoes for kids in a valgus deformity. Photos of legs of adult people, which have left such a curvature, will help you decide. If the parents do not want the child tormented from constant pain in the legs when he grows up, then it is the best time to do the correction of this problem. It is necessary to remember that to the development of valgus setting foot can lead:

  • congenital diseases, among which is a bad heredity, certain genetic disorders, dysphasia;
  • purchased problems: rickets, trauma to the feet, soon walking, poorly balanced first pair of shoes.

With congenital problems the treatment begins in advance, even before the moment when the child begins to walk. And acquired deformation in most of the cases arise due to careless relationship of parents to choice of footwear. Buy baby sandals with a soft back with the wrong flat insole. And this leads to the fact that fragile ligaments are not able to keep the weight of the child when walking and the ankle fall under the weight of the weight of the child. To the same consequences it leads, and soon to use a Walker.

Rules for the selection of

Rules for the selection of

Parents, faced with the problem of incorrect setting of the stop for their child, should know, on what you need to focus while choosing sandals or shoes. Orthopedic shoes in valgus installation stop for children must meet a number of criteria. Among them are:

  • the availability of a high and solid constructive;
  • solid side walls, which can hold the leg in the correct position;
  • hard fixation of the foot;
  • the availability of special orthopedic insoles.

Shoes carried out with a small heel – about 0.5 see In the menu we can find models on the stickers or lace-up. You need to realize that orthopedic shoes for children in a valgus deformity can not only be on the snake. Parents should be able to regulate its length. I mean, there are children, which are the legs thick enough, they will fit almost all models. And with evil tots feet in normal sandals will hang, like a pencil in a box. They definitely tighten the velcro or laces so that the shoes or sandals tight fit in the ankle and foot.

What can change with regular use of proper footwear

We all know that it is quite expensive it is necessary orthopedic shoes for children in a valgus deformity. Reviews confirm that many parents refuse to buy it because of the high costs. But no matter, it is advisable to try to allocate funds from the family budget for the purchase of quality footwear. If not listen to the recommendations of the orthopedist and ignore his advice about the selection of shoes, then you can meet with the following problems:

  • flat feet;
  • shortening one of the limbs;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • increased injury.

Of course, that some children "outgrow" this problem. Over time, the ligaments of the child rising, and the leg straightened out. But it will be far not at all.

Types of orthopedic footwear

Types of orthopedic footwear

If the problems the child was discovered at an early age, then you rectify the situation, it can manufacture orthopedic shoes for kids in a valgus deformity. Many companies produce models for both very young children and for adults. In the menu we can find and sandals and boots and winter boots. There are models with inflated, or normal back. But to choose the desired option should be only together with the orthopedist.

In addition, the production of the shoes can be buy only in this case, if the deformation of the foot is negligible. It can also be used in those situations where the child has a hereditary predisposition to improper installation of the feet or weakness of the ligamentous apparatus.

Requirements for orthopedic shoes

Proven manufacturers are making only quality products. But the cost of his for many high. So parents who are looking for cheaper models, you should know, what requirements should meet the orthopedic shoes for children in a valgus deformity of the feet.

Requirements for orthopedic shoes

In addition to the hackneyed recommendation, according to which of these shoes should be firmly and securely fixes the foot, giving attention to such moments. Quality orthopedic models:

  • they are made from the skin;
  • it is equipped with a thick sole made of a rolling material;
  • equipped with a heel Thomas, which should compensate for the slope of the middle stretch of the legs on the inner side.

You need to realize that may visually differ orthopedic shoes for children in a valgus deformity. Winter boots, as a rule, equipped with a more thick sole. Shoes they look more bulk due to the availability inside the insulation. But the whole orthopedic shoes differs from the usual appearance. I mean, with her special design, solid sides and thick backs.

Selection of insole

When choosing sandals or boots, to be also an item that will maintain proper arch the child. There are several kinds of orthopedic inserts in my shoes. Each of them is used in certain problems.

Selection of insole

Insole is not should be glued or in some other way fixed. It is necessary, that parents always access to it. Because periodically need to clean or replace.

In the orthopedic insole always do the hard cushion-arch support). It allows you to shape the right bend of the foot and prevents the development of flat feet. To maintain the arch of the doctors recommend the use of the cylinder BN-1. And here's the mark the all-valgus deformation is needed to model VP-2. This insole has a socket for placement of the heel, in her landed the longitudinal arch and in the heel is located arch support.

Specific recommendations

The purchase of orthopedic shoes, not all parents know what they need to do next. Some wear it only for an hour walk on the street, others allow the child to take it just at night. The recommendations of doctors-orthopedists boil down to the fact that orthopedic shoes should children wear 4-6 hours a day. But sometimes you need to get the baby situated in the correction models, a longer period of time.

When used correctly bot in a child reduces the load on the ligaments and muscles of the legs. Automatically the child improves posture. Due to the fact that the shoe firmly holds the foot in the correct position, the child begin to hurt less legs and appear to perseverance.

But forcing a child to wear orthopedic models all day without a break, it's not worth it. The ligamentous and muscular apparatus must work, and it will be just in that case, if the child's foot will be established. Design is possible with the help of massage, physiotherapy procedures. Useful considered a walk on a special carpet with pebbles or hard nap. Indispensable for children to show answers in a row (- valgus deformity can become a normal Swedish wall.

Reviews parents

Reviews parents

Before buying orthopedic models many want to find out whether they have sense. Some say that without them in setting working to stop the fail, yet others say that over time, the foot is aligned itself.

But if all children of the bundles with time strengthened, the adults with the improper installation of the feet just wouldn't. But, unfortunately, not all parents in a timely manner to draw attention to this problem.

According to the opinion of the majority of parents who used special models, orthopedic shoes for children in the valgus deformation allows for prolonged use in determining the setting of the stop. But rectify the situation one shoes hard. It should also do not forget about the massage and adequate load on the legs, that arise when walking on a special carpet with pebbles.