Valgus deformation of the knee joints: 4 methods of treatment

The curvature of the knee joints (valgus) is observed in the child's birth or appear in adulthood. Ignoring the symptoms of a growing disease can lead to severe deformation of the joints. Talk about the valgus deformation of the knee joints, after all, with the dangerous consequences of the ugly kind of limbs.

What constitutes valgus

Valgus curvature (feet like the letter X) may occur at any age, from the very birth. About the availability of valgus deformation of the knee joint (see photo below), they say, that if the interval between the ankles (inside) is more than 5 cm, in the heavy pressure of the direct lap.

In such a curvature, the internal articular slit extends, and the outer, on the contrary, narrows.

Symptoms of valgus curvature of the

Determine the valgus knee joints of the following symptoms:

  • the knees of both the limbs, together with legs, as if turned out. Perhaps the development of flat feet;
  • when walking is to feel the fatigue, there is pain;
  • if valgus touched one limb, then suffer from the spine, and develops scoliosis;
  • if you do not deal with the treatment, then there was a shuffling gait;
  • in the congenital form of valgus of the disease, perhaps the curvature of the neck of the femur;
  • valgus evident during the examination using x-rays.

Shall be issued by the degree of development of the articular valgus:

  • the original, where the deviation of the lower limbs (outward) is not greater than 10 or 15 degrees;
  • in the second phase, the tibia rejected by more than 15-20 degrees;
  • heavy phase valgus deformity is accompanied by a strong curvature of the limbs, with deviation of 20 degrees and more.
The symptoms of curvature of the valgus The causes of the deformities valgus

Issued to the following reasons leading to deformity of the knee joints:

  • the curvature at birth (unilateral and bilateral);
  • big load on the limbs in childhood, with a combination of rapid growth of the baby, and at the same time undeveloped ligaments. This is one of the most common causes;
  • related diseases (rickets, paralysis);
  • damaged pelvic bone;
  • bad, low-quality shoes when wearing, where there is a squeezing of the legs, and because of his incorrect productions;
  • overweight;
  • injury and damage to the knee;
  • the influence of ecology.
If valgus is found childhood, and is not treated, then an adult can serious problems occur.

A Valgus deformity in children

Valgus deformation of the knee joints in children is of two types:

  • a one-way. Valgus deformity affects only one limb;
  • double-sided. Happening deformity of both feet.

It is believed that valgus limb arises in childhood, when we celebrate the explicit connection of the knee, and at the same time abduction of the lower limb. In some cases, such a state is gradually coming to normal. If the visible curvature of the remains, then it should be faster to take measures to eliminate the defects, while the muscle mass and ligaments of the child developed definitely.

The most striking development of the disease occurs during the first steps of the child when learning to walk. Legs toddler is experiencing increased load, so it can cause deformation.

Parents need to understand that valgus may have an impact not only on the knee joints, but also the soles of the feet of the child. In valgus of the disease starts to develop curvature of the spine.

If left untreated the disease, then, grew up, the child will have painful sensations when walking, suffering from flat feet and scoliosis.


Treatment of valgus deformity of the knee joint in children should include comprehensive the following actions:

  1. application of orthopedic materials;
  2. physiotherapy;
  3. changes the mode of the day, lifestyle, in combination with preventive activities;
  4. massage;
  5. special physical exercises.
The operating method for the removal of valgus in the children's age usually is not applicable. The operation point seniors, when deformation is accompanied by inflammation of different nature.

Let's discuss each point of the treatment of valgus knee joints in children.


To you joints in valgus, the use of special tyres, made in orthopedic salon, fixing a joint portion of the limb in the knee. Such tires are set out, and instead of them will be on the night. Application of orthopedic products is possible only after medical consultation.

The doctor should monitor the wearing of the tires and to control the degree of fixation. When using the tyres are the contraindications in the form of disruption of the blood outflow limbs.


Physiotherapy help to cope with the valgus knee joints in children. In the appointment of integrated practices that can improve blood flow to the damaged limb, to strengthen the muscles. As a result of complex events will have the opportunity to correct valgus deformity of the limbs, and maintain the joints when walking during treatment.

Preventive activities associated with lifestyle

If diagnosed valgus of the knee joint, it is recommended to stick to the following points (in combination with other procedures) that help prevent further development of the curvature of the limbs:

  1. parents need to see to it that the child lay a long time on their feet. At the time of treatment should limit game, where the child must become;
  2. one of the most effective methods in the treatment of valgus is considered to be massage, about which we will talk further;
  3. if necessary, the doctor prescribes the child a special, orthopedic shoes;
  4. parents must pay attention to the temperature in the room where is located the child. When valgus curvature of the dangerous overheating and overcooling of the limbs. When violations of the temperature regime, the disease can progress;
  5. wearing orthopedic tyres, which were mentioned above;
  6. surgical intervention may be used in exceptional situations, when there is another techniques;
  7. in the warmer months, the child is encouraged to walk barefoot (on grass, sand);
  8. special gymnastic exercises, of which it will tell on.

Notice that with the legs of the child is not all right, not so hard. Parents should pay attention to the way she walks their child. If with feet everything is in order, then when walking the legs are arranged in parallel, and the entire load is on the heel and floral under his fingers. When deformed the joints, during motion, the child comes on the inside part of the heel and the little finger is usually found in good condition. Such walking talking about the explicit development of valgus.


Course massage is carried out, focusing on the lumbar and dorsal muscles, but also affects the buttocks and inner surface of limbs.

When valgus curvature usually prescribed a course of massage, which consists of 12 or 20 sessions, with observance of time intervals from 2 to 4 weeks. Depending on the number of sessions, procedures are carried out every day, or during the day.

The session starts with massage movements to the lumbar region, then passes on the buttocks and the spine. After coming to the massage the thighs and on the inner side of the limbs. Performs massaging motion to stop.

Massage Special gymnastics

Special exercises in the valgus joint deformity, they help only when their regular implementation. There are a few movements that you need to worry about when the curvature of the knee joints:

  • side lasting machine with widely spaced legs. It is necessary to monitor the movement of the child, and not let him get a longer period of time in a standing position;
  • it is forbidden to slide on the floor are pushed together along tracks;
  • you cannot compress the knee while sitting;
  • they are not suitable exercise, where it is necessary to overcome the resistance.

Parents need to watch baby during any physical activities, to exclude a listed load, and thus aggravate the situation.

The doctor prescribes exercise, which is necessary to practice several times a day. Classes are held after the massage session, when further muscle relaxation, and also at another time. For the convenience of all the exercises can be divided into groups, and perform separately.

It is important to timely notice, that in the development of the child occur unusual changes, and in time to ask for medical consultations.

How to forget the pain in the joints forever

Have you ever experienced unbearable pain in the joints or persistent back pain? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article - with them you are already familiar personally. And, of course, is not by hearsay know, what is it:

  • enduring an agonizing and acute pain;
  • the impossibility of comfortable and easy to move;
  • the constant tension of the muscles of the back;
  • unpleasant crunching and clicking in the joints;
  • sharp lumbago in the spine or causeless pain in the joints;
  • the inability to sit long in one position.