hallux valgus deformity in orthopedics are called the characteristic curvature of the legs with turned upside down in the side and used the bone at the base of the thumb. Pathology occurs in childhood and in adults. Changes are associated with uncompensated flat pedes. In the initial degree of violation of the orthopedic insoles in the hallux valgus deformity it helps to support the muscles and ligaments, the bones of the arch in the salt position and is used for the correction of deviations.

Further development of the disease in a child depends on the patient to carry out parents doctor appointments (massage, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy). Adult patients also had to wear orthopedic shoes. Insole-arch supports (orthoses) are part of the product, play a significant role in choosing the right options for shoes, shoes, shoes.


the appearance of orthopedic insoles

The basic points of the support feet - that's the heel, the area of the little finger and the first metatarsophalangeal joint. If they are observed physiologically normal axial load of the body, then the foot is not deformed, and performs its function of cushioning when walking. Not all people the ligaments and muscles of the feet, the lower extremities developed as well. It is recorded in the children's age at the separate steps of a toddler.

The first manifestation of the - flattening of the arch. Then under the influence of pressure varies bones zánártní, increasing the intervals between them. Baby reflex begins to build on the inner part of the soles of the feet, fingers constantly twisted in the direction of the soles of the feet.

In an adult the main manifestation in addition to flat feet is a sharp deviation of the first metatarsophalangeal joint center of the body, and the phalanx of a finger - in the direction of the pinkie. Manifested painful lump (Halus valgus), which gives you the opportunity to wear wearing shoes, causing pain, cramping.

Task insoles for hallux valgus feet - a normal situation is restored bone basics, creating a support for the weakened muscles and ligaments.


In childhood the legs deformed after a year under the influence of the early load, rickets, metabolic disease, hereditary debility of the ligamentous and muscular apparatus of the injury.

For the adult, the typical causes are considered:

  • wearing narrow shoes to high heels;
  • overweight;
  • injury (dislocation, sprains) in the area of the arch of the foot;
  • congenital weakness of the muscles;
  • metabolic disorders in endocrine pathology.

Distinguish hallux valgus deformation depending on the reason, in the International statistical classification of provided with a code according to the ICD:

  • when the innate nature of Q 66 (Q 66.5 - flat feet, Q 66.6 - with hallux valgus deformation);
  • acquired diseases of the - M 21.0 is more common in adults and adolescents, after an injury;
  • M 21.9 - with unclear reason.

To create an AD-stop is the ratio of the type of flat feet:

  • the longitudinal - extending legs, a horse's leg (varus curvature of the), shoes as well washable from the inside and from the outside;
  • cross - the most common form, the dog becomes wider, the first finger leaves on the side;
  • the combined or lengthwise-cross - a rare form, combining features of both types.
manifestations of the disease

The right insoles are chosen with regard to the degree and kind of flat feet.


Objective to determine the hallux valgus insoles, which means the doctor-orthopedist, - putting the arch of the foot in the correct state. Constant correction following a massage, morning exercises with active exercises for the muscles, physiotherapy.

Anti-hallux adversity helps to correct muscle imbalances in children and stop the destruction of surfaces in adults. The insole fulfills the role of the practitioner.

In patients is celebrated:

  • reduce the burden on the leg;
  • restoration of blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities;
  • the disappearance of pain and fatigue;
  • an increase in physical activity.

Therefore, it is important to use a brace to prevent worsening of flat feet:

  • pregnant;
  • older people;
  • patients with diabetes and excess weight.

Insole showing the people, the profession is forced after a long time of inactivity on the feet.


the design of insoles

In the design of orthopedic insoles includes:

  • the inner layer, which is adjacent to the sole;
  • arch support (pelot) in the area of the arch of the foot;
  • the deepening for the heel bone;
  • metatarsal area cylinder for support of the transverse arch;
  • thickening-liners, wedges in different places.

Those parts combine in a fixed frame or soft frameless design. Front department of the insole (strap) is missing in the incomplete models.

For the production of applicable materials:

  1. Natural - skin leather, cork, fleece, velour, sheep wool, felting.
  2. Artificial - silicone, gel, or latex base, foaming agents for the production of individual products, plastic medical properties, artificial leather, metal.

More often are used in the manufacture of a combination (inflate ware) - skin with the plantar side, the plastic for the supporting structure, metal inserts. Standard products are carried out by way of casting or stamped according to the specified anatomical parameters. From the material depends the stiffness of the brace.

Doctor's recommendation:

  • for the prevention of pregnancy or the early signs of flat feet fit insole from leather, cork, foam material;
  • when the extra weight of a good correction is achieved by a fixed surface;
  • people with diabetes need dual-layer products with a soft coating of felt or leather;
  • a solid frame is essential for the carrying of not more than six hours a day to patients with scars of deformation;
  • frameless products needed in the professions related to the increased load on the legs of athletes.

The best inserts are suitable for convenience and comfort.

Additional requirements:

  • perfect hygiene, ease of care;
  • adequate air circulation;
  • thermal insulation in cold weather.

Standard arch supports to correspond to the size of shoes, in the annex to the inside pushes in the toe and the back. Produces mini products. Are displayed in the initial stages of hallux valgus deformity. Their advantages are defined in the form:

  • tear - protects the first metatarsal bone, eliminating increased muscle tone, pays for the repair of disorders of the I degree;
  • a half-baked, especially for the transverse arch of the soles of the feet - are equipped with pillow-lined in the upper part;
  • half-hearted for extra buttons - there are women who don't want to give up fashionable shoes and high studs.


Buyers have a choice of purchase options: buy a ready-made standard insert, or order the individual production of the product in accordance with the parameters of the foot. Should pay attention to the following points:

  • an indication of the type of boots - in the correction of the feet is involved in the full impact, and therefore, it is necessary to look into the instructions, with such products it is recommended to wear the brace (the requirements on the model, shoes or boots, for sports or everyday wear);
  • the availability of the frames and the material from which it is made, - the good qualities differ the frame is made from plastic (for depreciation, keeping the position of the feet);
  • the stability of the fixation of the arch and the thumb when it is impossible to turn in or out;
  • set the roller in the area of the thumb - reduces the load on the metatarsophalangeal joint, prevents the growth of bumps;
  • the thickness of the product - the front part of the diluted, compared with a heel.
the result after the use of insoles

Insole is chosen according to the length of the legs. In the shoe must not remain in the gaps. In these places appear friction and calluses.

The most practical are considered products of natural materials, puff, made individually. The price is determined by the quality of the insole.

Experts do not advise to buy the goods on the market, in doubtful stalls without proper certification. Safer to make a purchase in the orthopedic, stores. The seller-adviser will answer all questions, which help you to select the optimal model.


Types of attachments-support klenbys differ in the method of manufacture, shape. Depending on the production:

  1. Finished products - suitable for people with initial signs of deformation, bought at the pharmacy, in specialized salons, stores. The standard parameters are appropriate is not for everyone. The most comfortable footbed of the polymer with the effect of memory. They differ in the process of socks, fit under the actual form.
  2. Individual - are recommended by doctors for the treatment of hallux valgus deformity.

According to the shape of the liner:

  • the size of the corresponding length of the foot;
  • semi-insole - remove the front part, ideal for open shoes;
  • calcaneum pulvillos - holding the heel, which is bent inward;
  • the brackets for the thumb.

Age peculiarities:

  1. Children's brace - necessarily combined with orthopedic shoes.
  2. Adults - suitable even for the elderly, in the professional load of the legs to relieve fatigue.

According to the testimony of distinguish correctors:

  • preventive - supportive action arch support-cushions absorbs the load when walking in the shoes nearly invisible;
  • therapeutic and preventive - significantly better to fix the prosthesis, to apply to closed shoes;
  • medicinal - prescribed by the orthopedist, along with other methods of treatment, are equipped with a solid frame.


The longitudinal flat feet is accompanied by the harmonisation of the sky your legs. The pain is manifested in pressure on the way. In the insole provided for eminence from the inner side.

Cross bars

When the transverse flat feet a flattening is located in the sock. Leg closely in the tapered shoes. Ideal semi-inserts or special type of rubber floor squeegee. She wears on the area of the instep bone.


Combination products require the determination of both the arches and the heels, they have interdigital rollers for the support of the deviations of the thumb.


The optimal parameters of the product - fully reflects the problem of the shape of the foot.

Individual insoles are made in orthopaedic workshops according to the standards or pre-cast legs. Experts are able to fit a standard product of plastic under the individual headings. The method is used for the selection of children's orthoses.

Features children's deformation - the availability of flat feet longitudinal type. Therefore, the insole are complemented by structures that affect the longitudinal state. In the lengthwise-transverse form of pathology to use the products, accented on the three points of support, which put pressure on the heel.

Whereas, the development of legs in humans is changing, podiatrists recommend that you change the liner in adult patients with flat feet every 2 years, and when hallux valgus deformity once every 6 - 12 months. It should be a preliminary consultation of the doctor.


After purchasing the insoles need to be familiar with the instructions for maintenance. Shelf life varies depending on the physical activity of a person, the actual weight, walk. First wipe off the layer, are made of fleece, velour. The frame does not change, keeps the the usefulness.

To remove contamination, asked to wipe the surface with a damp cloth with soap or a brush. It is forbidden to rinse flowing, flowing water, mechanical and manual washing, drying on the heating device.

If the shoes with the insoles wet in the rain, it is necessary to rub the and let it on the air without the sun's rays. A day you need to choose products of shoes, let dry overnight.


For lovers of everything to do with his own hands, we present a brief description of the sub-production of arch support on the basis of the insole from the old shoes:

  1. Stepping on her barefoot feet, mark the point between I and II fingers, here is the glue dense flower size 1,5 see
  2. How to choose the right height of heels, to slip directly under the canopy of cloth or cotton wool into a sense of support. Secure it with glue, sticky tape.
  3. Make a pattern of the upper part of the cotton tissue and sticking of cutting through the previously mentioned products.
  4. Around the perimeter of the artisans advise to flash the product threads.