Blister on foot

Euroscepticism and what on a large finger at first attracts attention only as a cosmetic defect. But the problem is much more serious than it may seem at first glance.


In the very beginning of the disease takes place without some expression of symptoms: bother which originated at the end of the day the pain in стопе, which списывают to normal fatigue. Legs treatment at this stage comes to relaxing ножным ванночкам and rubbing different oils on the soles of the feet. Similar to the action and really brings relief, ликвидируют discomfort.

For over two weeks along with the swelling at the site of the education of future blister "pleases" the eye with its arrival of curvature of inches.

Blister on foot

Doctors share the disease into several stages:

  1. Changes in the shape of the bottom of the legs, hardly visible, and reduces the deterioration of the appearance: appears redness, small game result in, or ' with your fingers on the legs.
  2. Phase is characterized by болевым syndrome, появляющимся from time to time – what hurts the leg. When the shape of the foot is constantly changing, bumps выпирают stronger.
  3. The disease is in a state of neglect. Inch deviates very strongly, while walking difficulty, the choice of shoes turns into a problem. The deformation of distinctive the most take a large size blister on the foot.
  4. Worried about virtually неослабные feelings of pain in the joints. Thumb перекручен and "lies" on the other fingers.

The first stage of the disease is successfully treated folk methods. The more it is triggered the disease, the more resolute measures are required, how to get rid of it.

What on the feet - causes

Actually a blister on the foot is a disease that only in the world of medicine valgus deformity of the big toe of the foot. And like any other disease has its own symptoms, causes, complications and methods of treatment.

Representatives of the weaker sex is more susceptible to the formation of unpleasant problems than men. The reason is greater strength and elasticity of the male of the ligaments. For the representatives of the stronger sex valgus foot most often is a result of the injury.

Very differently did well in women. A big role in the appearance of a blister on the fingers plays heredity: my grandmother and my mom, who suffers from emerging bumps on the legs, it is likely that the valuation of similar suffering daughter and granddaughter.

Heredity is not always crucial to discover the blister on the fingers. Often, the disease arises as a consequence of another disease.

The causes of the growth of a blister on the foot:

  1. Transmitted by the inherited structure of the foot.
  2. Acquired disorders: blisters, flat feet, arthritis, osteoporosis, diseases of metabolism, polio.
  3. Overreliance on high heels, wearing uncomfortable shoes.
  4. Excessive body weight increases the load on the bones of the foot.
  5. Injury.
  6. Undeveloped and weak ligaments and muscles of the lower leg.

How to treat косточку on the leg

ртопедические methods

Ways to get rid of seeds currently there is a huge amount. Orthopedic remedies, folk remedies, surgical methods. At any stage of the disease correctly chosen tactics of the removal of the stones on the legs will be результативной.

Orthopedic techniques

The orthopedic instruments are: the insole, супинаторы, interdigital rollers, special shoes, tires.

In the initial stage of the formation of a blister on the fingers of such treatment the most effective.

Insole нормализуют the position of the foot, distributing the load evenly. Their use removes the excess "load" with the legs and spine. The appearance of стелек quite attractive: they are thin, they can be used for all shoes. The effect of wearing orthopedic стелек purchased randomly, is minimal. Similar to the therapeutic agent is set individually under the foot doctor.

Супинаторы and interdigital rollers for the removal of stones visually balance the ступню, evenly distribute the load on the anterior department of the foot.

Корректирующая tire is the most effective method of removing a blister on the foot. Prolonged wearing of the tyre on the third stage of the disease allows for the gradual restoration of the structure of the foot. The bus is also used after surgery to remove the stones, as a means of предотвращающего recurrence of the disease.

A small deformation of the feet successfully defies adjustments to orthopedic shoes. Particularly effective is this footwear for the prevention of a blister on the стопе in the child and in the early stages of the disease.

Surgical methods


In the case of strong болевого syndrome when conservative methods do not give results and the quality of life of the patient is significantly reduced due to a blister on the foot, as is shown surgical intervention. Also, when the disease has reached stage IV of the development to remove косточку on the leg is possible only in a radical way with the help of surgery. Противопоказаниями to perform surgical correction is used obesity, severe somatic diseases, diseases of the heart and blood vessels. For the removal of a blister on the foot there are many types of operations. The number of surgical ways to remove косточку on the leg, and currently has approximately 150.

Treatment of blister on leg at home

Folk medicine for many centuries has been enriched with plenty of recipes correction of bunion on the feet and treatment at home. The largest extension to get recommendations by using alcohol tincture of iodine:

  • In спиртовую tincture of iodine (10 ml) was added 5 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid. When the aspirin has dissolved - iodine becomes transparent (after about 24 hours). On the night lubricate the obtained solution, put on a warm носочки. Do the procedure every day for three weeks. Pain in the bones of the legs gradually disappears, comes healing.
  • Mix rubbed with on a grater large lemon with two tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and ten миллилитрами alcohol tincture of iodine. Rub the mixture косточку, повязать food film and the maximum утеплить with the help of woolen socks. Carry out the procedure 3 days in a row, then break for 7 days. Repeat 2 more times. For the amplification effect, we recommend a vegetarian diet.
  • During the month, a day, steamed legs with the help of water, they do massage the sick person with soap and liberally smeared with настойкой iodine.

Remember that catching a self-heal, you need to be very careful. And best to turn for help to a specialist! Data tips folk medicine were tested by the author in practice, and therefore cannot guarantee a solution to the problem.

If you know proven methods, describe them in the comments to the article, so you will be able to help a lot of his advice.

Prevention on my feet

The measures, warning the emergence of a blister on the foot are based on the knowledge of the causes of the disease. Prevention of the disease lies in the following activities:

-Корректирующая tire

Traditional medicine has long treated the disease, when it grows, what leg and what to do with it is no longer a rhetorical question without answers. The science of well-known reasons why they appear what on the leg and how to treat it. Many well-studied methods will allow you to quickly get rid of the disease.

  • maintaining a body weight in the standard;
  • wear comfortable and quality footwear;
  • rational nutrition with plenty of vitamins and trace elements (of the greatest importance are calcium and vitamin E);
  • gymnastics and massage of the feet, especially if it is a hereditary predisposition to developing the disease;
  • warning-failure in the functioning of the endocrine system.