Massage when valgus deformity of the foot in children: how does

Valgus deformation of foot in orthopedics is called a specific installation of a person's foot, which is on the background of reducing the height of the arch of the twisted central axis of the lower limbs, and lower limbs acquire the X-shaped appearance. Massage when valgus deformity of the forefoot in children and adults is included in the mandatory complex of therapeutic activities.

The disease often wrongly, but in infants can wear an innate nature. In a child diagnosed around the age of one year, when the child gets to his feet and begins to walk. Timely examination of the podiatrist and the implementation of parents, the recommendation allows you to draw attention to the dangerous consequences (violation of posture, arthrosoarthritis ankle and knee joints, osteoporosis).

Known children's doctor Em Oa komorowski believes that with the deformation of foot in children can be managed in the school.

Massage and gymnastics in the valgus and mark all-valgus deformity of the forefoot in children

Types of curvature in the valgus and mark all-valgus stop varies by the imposition of flat feet in the second case. Both variants are characterized by "locking" the heel inside, focusing on the first metatarsal bone and the front part of the arch. The technique of the action on the muscle group, is the same.


Massage when changing the construction of the feet of a child is particularly effective until the age of two. In newborns flatfoot is a physiological manifestation. How developed and ready for independent walking muscles and bones of the foot, it is unclear if the toddler stands vertically and makes the first steps.

Infants are advised to joint a refreshing massage of the entire body. Parents are performing every day hygienic procedures. A light stroking movement help your baby to feel your body, develop your back, warn the difference of the longitudinal abdominal muscles and a hernia.

For massage of valgus feet in children using a special technique. An experienced masseur knows what muscle groups need the most support.

The therapeutic effect is enshrined gym workouts. The expected effects of the treatment:

  • strengthen the muscles of the feet and calves, it is important in particular from the inner side;
  • removal of excess tension in the legs, release to the external side;
  • improve blood circulation in the lower extremities;
  • restore the balance between the head and socket muscles;
  • strengthen the ligamentous apparatus and the bone;
  • proper growth and development of the lower extremities.

The scheme of treatment is determined by accumulate in the area of all muscle groups, which ensure the function of motion: back, buttocks, the lumbar-sacral zone, the sides of the inner and outer sides, knee and ankle joint, the achilles tendon.

For strengthening the muscles doctors recommend simple gaming exercises:

  • the collection of fingers small items;
  • walk on a special Mat, pebbles;
  • ride foot ball with a pimply surface;
  • walking from sitting "in Turkish".

Important point: it is found that the child's body is able to restore the tone of the weakened muscles on the inner side of the foot infection and remove hypertonus of the external ligaments and muscles. It is going reflective with the support of the massage.

To two years of age shall apply to isolated foot massage. Doctors believe this option is the most optimal for combination with simple exercises and passive exercise therapy, work with parents. A child can't learn the accurate execution and correct the load.


Children over the age groups actively engaged in movement therapy in a group, to fulfill the requirements of the instructor. It is recommended to expand the zone and massage. Because the impulses to the muscles they go through the spinal cord and the condition of the spine has serious consequences attached to accumulate in the area of the back and spine.

The zone of impact and massage technique

In the therapy of children do not apply the coarse and painful effects. Technical tricks of the massage movements are stroking, rubbing, light knocking.

Parts of the exhibition are:

  1. Spin — start with strokes from the lumbar to the cervical spine, from light uses-start push to move towards more noticeable. Completing a soothing income.
  2. Buttocks — stroking and rubbing is performed with circular movements from the center to the periphery, a light pat contributes inflow of blood to the area massage.
  3. Legs — the manipulation starts from the hip to the lower limbs on the back side, then the baby roll over on your back and massage the front surface.
  4. Feet — first pounded the outsole from the heel to the toes. Then the circular movement is held in the shape of number 8. Completes the procedure of stroking the heel.

Parents better learn how to do baby massage on their own. Can I buy "Instruction" and, according to numbers master the right meals. For practical use is the most appropriate lesson from an experienced masseur. Child sign up for a course of therapy, actively pursuing and studying the technique.

On the internet plenty of appropriate video on mastering the tricks.

Useful skills

To properly perform a foot massage to the child at a valgus deformity are able to the parents themselves at home. Gradually appear the ability and understanding with the child.

Physiotherapists recommended after a massage play with a toddler and work together to carry out therapeutic exercises 5-6 times:

  • flexion and extension of the ankle joints;
  • gently twist the legs in different directions;
  • "catch" the legs of a small toy.

Children with pleasure bathe. It is necessary to use a good mood and perform complex exercises in the tub.

The ad baby movements doctors do not like. The device works on batteries or from the network. Modes pick up exactly is impossible. The force of the impact is poorly controlled. On the contrary, his arms felt muscular tension in the individual sections. For older inquisitive each technique represents a danger.

General recommendations

Parents are encouraged to follow the advice of experienced experts:

  • the procedure at the deformed stop to carry out daily in the morning and before bath time or bedtime, the child's body gets used to the mode, and is configured to cure;
  • if a child refuses to massage, crying, it is better to postpone and choose a more suitable time;
  • combination with bathing in the tub, exercise increases the therapeutic effect;
  • always start with the regulations of the child on the abdomen, legs, better to place so that it hung from the surface of the table or the couch, where lies the child;
  • until mastered the technique, limit the stroking of the legs and back;
  • no need to use sharp or pressing movement, are frightening to the child;
  • time for the massage are chosen individually, the necessary condition — the child must be active, fresh and in a good mood.

Massage should only be performed by healthy children. If the child appeared the signs of respiratory disease or the temperature rises to the pruning of the next tooth, the procedure is postponed. Pediatrician prescribe medications for the relief of the disease.


Your behavior help your child understand that you love and protect. Dr. komorowski advises children two years and older to buy a bike. Pressure on the pedal — ideal for massage in the complex of remedial measures-valgus feet.


In the room where you are going to perform the massage, should be the optimum temperature to undress the child. Is required to adhere to the mode of ventilation. In hot weather it is unacceptable to a location in proximity with a fan or air conditioning.

Baby's skin is smeared with a special cream or oil. When buying at a pharmacy it is necessary to check whether it fits you massage the cream for the age of the child.

The little man is worth it to clarify that it will not offend, to calm the fear.

Step by step instructions to massage in a valgus deformity of the feet

Instructions for beginners includes a alternation of consecutive actions of the masseur:

  • put the baby on your stomach, using a change or a massage table, the legs should be with the edge;
  • shins slightly lift the pillow, whether the roller;
  • start massaging the easy stroking of the back along the spine in the direction from waist to neck, then move on to stroking the chest from the middle to the depression of the armpits;
  • make a rubbing of these zones your finger tips;
  • circular movements massage the buttocks (pat, grind, lightly stretch your muscles, at the end lightly pat and pat);
  • feet first stroke from the heel to the buttocks, then begin to massage with your hips, from the popliteal fossa upward and outward, reception felling guilty of a few fingers, warming the back surface, the surface of the stroking;
  • foot massage in the area of the toe and heel (movements in the form of "eight"), warming up state, each finger straightens and slightly drawn out forward;
  • stroking carried out consistently from the toes to the soles of the feet to the ankle joints between the, from the foot to the knee, when trying from the inner side to increase the strength of the pressure;
  • turn the child on his back, nuzzling the skin on the legs from bottom to top, paid attention to, the back surface of the legs;
  • pat the palms of the hands and complete the stroking.

Massage a child from 3 years

Children aged 3 years and older is allowed to perform advanced massage. The modified staging of the feet requires more intensive effects on the muscles. The frequency of treatment remains, as in smaller age — twice a day. Technique of movements includes a greater impact.

the doctor does-massage


  • the child lies on a massage table in the prone position, the legs should drop down to, or below the shins gave the cylinder;
  • starting from the back, perform stroking, rubbing, "saws" the edge of the palm;
  • pain in the sacral zone pounded and vigorously warming up, then spend a soothing stroking from the spine to the ribs;
  • the area of the buttocks to stroke, knead and Pat in circular motions;
  • the thigh and shin of the stroke and the ground on the inner and outer surface;
  • feet to knead in the front and middle part of the arch, pull each finger.

Function of foot massage

The position of the baby should be comfortable. All movements are performed in the direction from bottom to top and from center to edge. To legs were there will be a masseur, used to load up on the abdomen is to hang from the table legs or put a pillow (cushion) under the shins.

It is necessary to observe a sequence of movements: stroking → saw → kneading → pins and needles → pat → stroking.

Always begin from the zone of the spine, the muscles of the back, then move to the buttocks, hips, shins, feet. The inner part of the gastrocnemius muscle warming more active movements. Vigorously zemXia muscles around the ankles.

At the age of over 7 years of fixes and tricks chopping, beater movement, the more potent the Pat and the suit of armor. The duration of the procedure gradually grows from five to 15 minutes.

Efficiency of massage increases if you combine it with exercise therapy, physiotherapy procedures, by wearing orthopedic shoes. The combined effects of helps keep the child's foot in the correct position.

Where to find a specialist?

Home trained performance physical therapy, boating under the special Mat, trays. Not all parents are dealt with separately carry out the massage, I knew about the deformed stop the child.


Experts, which are able to technically perform the procedure, are available in every pediatric clinic, inpatient, rehabilitation centers, private clinics. If parents require a trip masseuse at home, then it is necessary before to look on the internet and ads in the newspaper, the question about the paid for any of their own children's clinic.

More comfortable only to invite well-known worker, exactly in connection with medicine. In medical devices to pursue an education and increasing the qualifications of employees.

If visiting a specialist refuses or pulls with the provision of documents on the specialty, qualifications, don't mess with this man, despite the fact that it comes in a medical form and a drink. Now courses can pass anyone he wants, but experience with children is accumulating practice.

The length of the therapy

On average, the entire course of the massage treatments – 12 treatments. The orthopedic surgeon called a break, and re-treatment with regard to the extent of the foot deformity and the age of the child. Usually the interval is 2-4 weeks.

Massage in the complex treatment of children with valgus deformity — an indispensable way to use the tone of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus. A complete treatment helps to eliminate future problems of the child.