When ploskovalgusnyh stop in children reduces the height of the arch of the foot and deformed its axis. While the outward look of the heel and fingers, and remarked: "cursu semper" high school department so that when you look at the soles of the feet, at the top, then they look like the letter Agricultural Exactly this phenomenon is called in medicine a valgus deformity.

The cause of the valgus setting foot is insufficient development of the feet of the child, and which is deformed under the weight of his body. There has been a reduction and flattening of the longitudinal arch of the foot, which leads to his claudicatio with the inner part. At the same time leads to a small displacement of the front compartment. Exactly explains the X-shaped shape of the feet. The fact that the child's mark all-valgus installation stop, parents can notice when the child tries to do its first steps. Therefore, it is very important to identify the cause of the problem and to get for your baby quality shoes in size.

The pathology is characterized by inadequate tone of the muscles of both legs. Feet supports the whole body, as a kind of "base", then, in addition to the stop, the deformation also exposed ankle joints. If you ignore the treatment, in the knee joints also appear negative changes. In addition, there is a huge risk that the pan will have a bad attitude, as well as the broken posture. Subsequently, they can stamine legs and the axis of the spine. Because of the large loads that are exposed muscles, there is great risk of development of degenerative disc disease or osteoarthritis.

The reasons for the development of

Ploskovalgusnuyu deformation of the foot provoke a variety of causes. Pathology can be congenital and purchased. If it is detected in a child younger than 3 years, then in such case we can speak of its intrauterine development. In children older than 4-5 years of age the causes of the pathology of the other, but precisely adjust their power to only a qualified doctor after the necessary surveys. Among the most common can distinguish the following:

  • A hereditary predisposition.
  • Weak muscular tissue of the tibia and ligaments, which are not under the power to provide a correct statement of the foot.
  • Idle child.
  • Unpleasant and incorrectly matched children's shoes of poor quality. Parents need to understand that wearing shoes at too soft, flat or thin soles, repeated the anatomically correct shape of the foot, are very harmful to the child.
  • Frequent colds, as well as bacterial or infectious diseases.
  • Injury or mechanical damage to the feet.
  • Endocrine disorders, among which diabetes, and also diseases of the thyroid gland, causing excessive body weight, or on the contrary underweight.
  • Rickets, providing the dice to devastating effect and induce in them the weakness and fragility.
  • Improper nutrition, providing a negative effect on the whole organism.
  • The lack of in the body of calcium and other beneficial minerals and vitamins.

The main symptoms and the stage of development of the disease

Of the most obvious symptoms, which should alert the parents, are the position is uncertain and clumsy walking child, shuffling while walking. The child will very quickly get tired after walking, whereas walking rock, that occurs not on the whole foot, but only on its inner side. After a time it becomes noticeable that the legs takes the X-like shape.


Virtually all of these symptoms manifest themselves in children who are just starting to learn to walk. After the child gains the skills needed when walking, these symptoms usually themselves. But if the child is already taking long walks alone, but the symptoms continue to manifest, then the parents should pay their attention. In this case, the panic is not worth it, and this might seem a doctor to determine the cause of this phenomenon must.

Depending on how severe is the pathology and degree of deformity, the doctor will determine the stage of development of the disease:

  • when @ a deviation of 10-15 is about the degree of pathology, which is very treatable;
  • a little more complicated will be the course of treatment, if there is a deviation from the norm is in the range of 15-20 degrees;
  • long-term treatment involves a pathology in which the degree of deviation from the norm is 20-30;
  • if is the angle of deviation higher than the rate 30, the child waiting for long-term treatment. In some cases, if therapy is not treading the expected improvements, it can be used a surgical procedure to remove the defects of the feet.

In toddlers mark all-valgus of the foot often occurs the development of flat feet. In individual cases it can develop into a pathology in which one limb becomes shorter the other.

Methods of treatment

Before you start treatment of valgus deformity of the feet on the child, the physician must make the appropriate diagnosis. In addition to the primary visual inspection, will need plantography and radiography in 3 planes. Also, it is mandatory to perform ultrasound studies of joints. It is worth noting that the symptoms of valgus similar to the symptoms of gout and deformation of the flow of joint arthrosis. Parents in any case should not think about what the valgus heal optional and pathology disappears by itself. Usually treatment is carried out at home and is in the implementation: Methods

  • massage;
  • implementation of special therapeutic gymnastics:
  • wearing a properly chosen orthopedic shoes or insoles.

The popular methods of treatment show the answers in a row (- valgus feet in children is considered to be the physiotherapy. Most often it is applied one of its species – electromyostimulation. Its essence is in the use of electrodes on the problem areas with the subsequent connection of weak current, which is "forcibly" stimulates the muscles. This procedure usually spend a half-year courses, including the monitoring of 7-12 procedures.

In particularly complex cases, the disease may require osteotomy — operative intervention. According to statistics, this is done in 7% of children with a similar diagnosis.

Dr about the disease

How dangerous pathology — valgus foot deformity in children? One quite well-known pediatrician of the former soviet union and the author of many articles on topics related to children's health, believes that the disease is not serious and dangerous, because when properly assigned therapy effectively treat. If the time to pay attention to it, that in the child there are similar deviations and seek medical help, fix the failure, is possible. What is most important, not to delay with the treatment, and to carry out all the recommendations and prescription of the attending physician.

Eliminate the risk of view the answers for each other (valgus feet in the child, advised not to attempt to teach the crumbs to rise to her feet before the time, gradually, by following all stages of development. Teach a child to walk need to no earlier than 7 months. After all, up to that age is a big burden for a child's musculoskeletal system contraindicated.

Also, a doctor warns parents that attempt self-repair of visible defects do not, because the result can be regrettable. Treatment pathology should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified orthopedist or pediatrician. In addition to conventional treatment methods and massages, it is desirable that in a summer a child more walks over the grass or rocks barefoot. Parents who are concerned that their child may hurt the foot on such walking in nature, you can buy in a drugstore a special mat, which is great helps the proper development of children's feet.

Preventive measures

Parents should constantly monitor the condition legs of my child. It is important to regularly inspect them, especially to pay attention, redness, corns and other damages. Disturbing bell considered some changes in the walking of the child. To exclude the development of valgus of the foot, and other diseases, children's shoes should be comfortable, soft and good quality, with thin soles. It is advisable to purchase orthopedic insoles.

During the first year of life is very important that the child took the necessary amount of vitamin D, which is an excellent preventive remedy against rickets. In addition, for a child is very useful, they are sun bathing, which can not be neglected in the summer. Important role in the prevention of valgus feet in children include physical exercise. They contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, muscles and bones. prevention

It is desirable that in the summer period the child visited the sea: very useful for him, in addition to sea air, walking along the sand and pebbles. In addition, there will get energy and health for the next year. Nice, when the child has available special ball and orthopedic pad, which are used to regularly perform simple exercises for the feet.

If the diagnosis has already been delivered, are mandatory regular checkups at the doctor, carrying out of massage, in the implementation of a special charge and wear the recommended special footwear, which is sold in stores medical equipment.