A Valgus deformity of the feet

Valgus feet – a process of changing the shape of the foot, which is accompanied by no aesthetic painful paperwork build-up, underwire at the base of the thumb of the foot.

How is the deformation

View answers in a row (- valgus deformation of foot – the specific pathology of the functional status of the foot, which arises due to the fact that her height significantly understated, and the center axis of the distorted.

A Valgus deformity of the feet

Fingers on the stop and the heel, respectively, turned out, and alone leg gradually gaining an x-shaped outline. This pathology can wear the acquired character, and to be congenital, treat it very problematic, but in general, the correction of the disease – a conservative or a surgical procedure - performed by podiatrists quite successfully.


View answers in a row (- valgus foot deformity in adults can occur as a result of the action of these factors:

  • incorrectly matched shoes (insoles) – it can narrow or not according to the size of the foot;
  • prolonged wearing of shoes, the shoes on high heels;
  • subluxation of the founding of the phalanges of the feet (video);
  • in the middle of the dna in the joints of the accumulated excessive quantity of uric acid salts, and this, in turn, leads to the fact that is developing mark the all-valgus deformity of the feet in adults;
  • weak tendons;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • being overweight (extra burden on the joints);
  • view answers in a row (- valgus deformation of the feet typical of and for the period of menopause in a woman's body – hormonal imbalance;
  • pregnancy - mitotic corset simply could not cope with further functional load on it, so part of the weight "pushes" on the joints, deformed;
  • flat feet varying degrees;


In degrees, the difference in deformation of the feet depends on the angle, which changes between the first finger and the bone (connective, of the metatarsal).

1 degree

In the first instance is the increase in deformation of the joint (sesamoid ligaments too much movement), there will be a subluxation of the foot.

2 grade

In the second stage of deformation occurs, the additional shift of the tendons and joints of the big finger.

3 degree

The deformation of the 3 degrees (regardless of the factor, which has emerged as a major) occurs in connection with the fact that the bone and the connecting tissue in this area are vulnerable and it is pretty weak, poorly coping, with considerable functional load.


Signs show the answers in a row (- valgus deformation of foot, are as follows:

  • Explicit visual cosmetic defect – the joint greatly increases in size, the bulge in the side, is perpendicular to the axis of the legs, and finger flips in the opposite direction, the inside (video); the so-called varus installation of the legs.
  • Accompany the symptomatic manifestations of the mark all-valgus pathology, and flat feet, severe chronic bursitis, and also deforming arthrosis, hitting the joints.
Orthopedic insoles


For correctly guessing the treatment of valgus, to carry out prevention of disease (physical exercise, gymnastics, massage), as well as prevent its further development, it is necessary to timely and thorough examination of the patient.

To then specify valgus, the doctor makes an x-ray of the foot in 3 planes – so you can reveal which of the 3-x degrees of development of the foot deformity in a patient, as well as to clarify whether there is other related diseases, such as aseptic necrosis, cyst, arthritis, an inflammatory pathology of the periosteum, etc.

In the case of detection of relevant signs (photo), the doctor applies the treatment (orthopedic insoles, corrective exercises, gymnastics, massage), help if not cure the valgus, although he would correct his speeches.


The ultimate healing mark all-valgus deformation of the 3 degree is practically unrealistic, but it is possible to dispense with the operation. There are several standard methods of treatment aimed at correction of this pathology.

Orthopedic insoles

Installation of special orthopedic insoles, designed for the correction of the mark all-valgus deformity of the feet.

These pads show high efficiency in the early stages of disease development, in addition to them the doctor-orthopedist should appoint the installation of special arch support, aimed at correcting the position of the legs.

In addition to the above techniques demonstrates how to install the fixes for the fingers and the other volumes. Best choice – medical footwear orthopaedic properties, which are determined individually tailored insoles.


When valgus shows a special foot massage. For this purpose it is necessary to turn to professionals. Often for the correction of the pathology of the doctor-orthopedist called a course of massage, which consists of ten sessions, which should be repeated at least once every few months.


Proper exercise helps to significantly adjust the valgus foot. The most common workout options:

  • walk the bent fingers;
  • walking on uneven surfaces;
  • I'm trying to capture the fingers of the feet for some items;
  • movement around the room is only on the outer part of the soles of the feet.

For the exercises with the goal of treatment of valgus appropriate exercise using a massage Mat.


Complex physiotherapy activities – suitable, not for treatment, and to minimize the symptoms of the disease. Well, when valgus complementary therapy, massage, orthopedic insoles and gym workouts.

If when walking in adults arise painful feelings, preventing them to move, an orthopedic surgeon will prescribe pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Surgery is indicated in a situation where the pathology has a clearly progressive character of either a deformed thumb prevents the patient to live comfortably, but also when conservative methods – the insoles in the footwear, remedial massage and special exercises did not lead to correct distortion of the foot.

Modern medical orthopedic equipment includes this kind of treatment is it safe to repair the joint – it is an operation, after which the patient is not applied gypsum and no installation of any additional metal structures.

During the operation, the surgeon corrects the angle, located between the bones of the feet. This operation is necessary for it to pulls function of the ligaments properly distributed. The recovery period after such an operation takes place quickly enough, recurrence is practically non-existent.

Folk treatment

Varus installation of the feet in adults, who have emerged due to the deformation of 3 degrees, subject to repairs in the home (without traffic). The most effective technology:

Decoction daily carnival

Shows the intake of a decoction of the daily carnival the dye – detergent removes excess urinary acid; a teaspoonful of the powder is required to pour a full glass of water, which should be pre-heat; about 10 minutes the mixture should cook on the steam bath, the resulting means of carefully stem, 12 cup several times a day. Sometimes medication helps and avoid surgery.



Well adjusting, growths and struggling with a shift of feet, the flowers of dandelions. After well dried, it is necessary to pour a small amount of iodine. Means of infusion of 3 days, after which is applied in the form of a grid on the valgus foot.

Mustard and the real thing

Varus the installation stop and the deformation is well adjusted with the help of special cooked in the home healing ointments. On a large spoon of powder mustard need so many contrivances, a few spoonfuls of turpentine and a few drops of engine oil. Treatment of valgus such a balm (photo), will be very effective and efficient, help you to bypass no surgery.


Well suited for the treatment of deformation, causing a shift of the feet inside, setting the feet and valgus of 3 degrees and medical compresses made with the use of natural propolis. A small slice of the funds to put on a night on the bone, carefully securing his bandage.

A comprehensive treatment – the key to success

Any of the above methods of treatment of valgus to 3 degrees and the deformation, causing a shift of the feet inside will be effective, but it is better to use a comprehensive approach, combining homemade recipes with the right exercise, corrective shoes with orthopedic insoles, complement the massage therapy.

It is always necessary to take preventive measures (exercise and physiotherapy, orthotics, massage), to prevent the emergence and development of deformities.