view answers in a row (valgus deformity

Understand what it means diagnosis display answers in a row (valgus installation, you can disassemble the word itself. "Mark all" means that the child's foot is flat - it is obvious, and valgus means that their installation in a child's X-shape. Many of us met with people, in which the legs are placed in x, in the case that with our disease x is located only feet.

Podiatrists say that mark all of valgus feet in a child - it is not a disease, rather, a deformation that is a consequence of weak ligaments. In a child with such a problem feet get tired faster and faster. Anatomically, feet sinks in eventually, vaults and arches are formed not so as you need.

view answers in a row (valgus deformity

If left untreated to display the answers in a row (val'gusnye feet in children, then over time the issue ripe for flat feet.

Than dangerous flat feet

For many people flat feet - it's just an excuse, than to serve in the army. But you, who is the owner of this defect, they know that, in addition to jokes, there are many problems.

The safest, but all the same unpleasant cosmetic defect. And later it becomes difficult to find suitable shoes, constantly need to search for a special manufacturer and special insole.

Women can walk in heels, the heel moves forward, leading to discomfort, spoil the walk and has a negative effect on the spine. Time may appear to bulge near the base of the thumb. This vypirayushchaya what not only spoils the appearance of the feet and prevents wear beautiful shoes, but also spoils the health of the person from-for a permanent inflammation and sore pain. So it is definitely needed to focus and act.

When it is necessary to contact the doctor

In a small child is to mark all the valgus of the installation will appear, as soon as the baby yourself, is to get on your feet. The foot does not withstand the load of the body, and the inner edges of the tracks to sag and the front of the department included. As soon as there appeared the first symptoms of the X-shaped limb, then is to mark all the val'gusnyj sign, it is necessary to contact the doctor for advice and purchase quality shoes.

The diagnosis is most often sounds in the age of 3 years, and valgus feet is already in 9-12 months. Over time, these two problems are combined in one, and it turns out to view the answers for each other (valgus in the pits.

Flat feet is not for children under 3 years old as a disease. It is present in all children, but it is physiological, then it is a normal condition for this period of development. On the inner side of the legs of the child is not a typical excavation, while there is a fat layer, which works as a shock absorber. Physician-orthopedic surgeon may pay attention only to the shape of the legs of the child, if it rasplastannaya or wide as a result may be detected to display the answers for each other (valgus installation stop.

The causes of defects

The stop condition of the child and education mark all valgus feet affect:

  • total muscle weakness of the child;
  • decreased or increased muscle tone;
  • to prolong the viral disease;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • rickets;
  • of premature births.

Flat feet and mark all the val'gusnoe curvature in children is a consequence of the stretching of the ligaments and muscles of the internal part of the foot, shin and ankle, heel moves outwards, the ankle inward, and the whole of the lower part of the legs changes centrovaná location.

If the mark all the val'gusnoe position expressed strongly, then it becomes difficult to not only perform exercises, but even just to walk. Depreciation reduced to a minimum, so the entire burden falls on the spine and the brain.

After 5 years mark all valgus installation of the foot in children practically is not treated, and therefore, therapy must begin as soon as possible. For a start flat feet just stops and improves the overall condition of the feet. And even if you fail to cure the child 100%, this deviation will be (if in sight), will not have an impact in the future on his overall health. On the basis of the severity of the problem and age, the doctor prescribes orthopedic insoles, physiotherapy and massage.


The importance of massage

Thanks to the massage, the child relaxes the muscles are stretched ligaments, they become more robust, the balance of power is normal, after which the dog takes the desired position and to achieve in therapy to view the answers for each other (valgus feet.

The most important factor in a child's physical therapy sessions. Its not covered by isolated, because it is aimed only at ensuring this outcome. Using the parallel massage and exercise therapy, one can achieve a strong, long-term outcome.

As for the massage, then, emphasis is put on the inner and front part of the shin, on the stop paid attention to the big toes : it is important to improve their supinatornye function.

During the massage, do not press down on the legs, used methods of kneading, grinding and stroking. When massirovanii of the lower limb when you show the answers for each other (valgus stop paying vibration, rubbing and stroking. Massage doing the exercise and after its implementation.

Process and mark all valgus feet long and complex, but if you constantly deal with basic procedures, then you can expect the normalization of state of health and proper growth of the lower extremities.


Special exercises physical therapy for children, if it is to display answers in a row (can be done at home. The child should perform the exercise in thin socks or barefoot, the whole complex is divided into several parts after 2-3 exercise is carried out in the course of the day. The main emphasis in view of the answers for each other (valgus installation is focused on the correct statement of the feet in standing and walking. Sometimes doctors, after some surveys, it was the salt baths and electrophoresis. Was even such, that the doctors in the show answers in a row (valgus stop convincingly recommended round. And you know, it worked.

Children's gymnastics leads to the fact, that the child should learn to legs and feet in the correct position, it is close and parallel to each other, not commonly the location to display the answers in a row (in the val'gusnom glitch. If he was to mark all the valgus installation, then the lower limbs gradually, they will stand on their places.

Develop the skill to walk in to view the answers in a row (val'gusnom disease, it is recommended to walk on the belt a width of not more than 15 cm, it can be a strip of carpet or tile, if there's nothing else possible right on the floor in chalk to map out the boundaries. On the street also baby you can drive on the limit, protocols, etc.

The other special children will pick up the right doctor.

As useful information to include in the child's diet: meat turkey, and rabbit, fish, there are also foods that contain large amounts of calcium, such as cottage cheese and cheese. Very useful fresh juice, zucchini, zucchini, celery, sesame seeds and so on, If there is a possibility, go with your child in a specialized nursing home, for a faster and effective treatment of the feet. It will not only vacation, but also useful!


The life of a child, especially in his first year, pretty solid, especially for his musculoskeletal system. This is the time when he learns to roll, crawl, sit, stand, and walk. So many mechanisms in the course of the 12 months will be involved more even in one year of a person's life. Therefore, it is very no wonder, when in one of the links of cep woman's body cases of disorder, congestion, damage.

One of the main functions of the musculoskeletal system is the creation and the functioning of the posture, and the soles of the feet. Their development is directly connected with the attempts of the child to get up on legs and walk. And quite often doctors findings in toddlers is a disease of the how to mark all, occurs as a result of innate traits, so even in the period of intensive walking.

Features ploskoval'gusnoj deformation of the feet

Posture and of the foot occurs simultaneous burden in their child's ability to stand or walk. The balance, which is trying to resist his body, placed it vertically in the space, certainly has a certain burden on the entire skeletal system of the body.

In a number of cases the disease develops due to the already existing congenital flat feet. The average age of the figure, when appear the most ploskoval'gusnye feet in children - 5 years. To this time for many children with parents begin to notice the bad staging of the feet when walking, in consequence, and go to the doctor, in order to get timely and effective treatment.


The main symptoms that should alert parents and they point out that in the musculoskeletal system of the child has problems - it is:

  1. Shuffling your feet while walking inside;
  2. The child complains of headaches and pain in the legs;
  3. Becomes noticeable slouch of the child;
  4. Compact and powerful dog.

In general, this deformation of the legs, a pronounced flattening, as well as incorrect determination of the soles of the feet when walking, when a child relies completely on the entire surface, but only on the inside, how would bending it and causing an alarming situation for the parents. In the early detection of this symptomatology can become quite unfavorable to the musculoskeletal system complications.

The consequences

The symptoms pointing to it, that the musculoskeletal the musculoskeletal system of the child suffer from, can for some inattentive parent to remain unnoticed. In this case, the child risks to the already existing disease and get a variety of other serious consequences.

The curvature of the knee of the letter X; Flat feet; Arthrosis and arthritis; Systematic pain in the legs, Scoliosis; clubfoot deformity was; Problems with the cervical spine, and in consequence, migraine.

Despite the prevalence of the disease among children, has very good reasons for its arrival, if not to take into account the congenital nature of the disease, which has in medicine the term "vertical taran".


View answers in a row (a valgus deformity of feet has different reasons, able to provoke the disease even in a child. True, in this respect, it is important to take into account that form of the disease can be both congenital, and acquired. Therefore, in children younger than 3 years of age can talk about the changes to the soles of the feet, which were intrauterine development.

Again at 4-5 years of a child's life ploskoval'gusnye legs no longer appear due to many reasons, which arise from the examination by the doctor.

  1. Weakness of the muscle tissue, ligaments and the tibia, are not able to maintain the correct position of the legs;
  2. Hereditary factor;
  3. Poorly selected, uncomfortable and of poor quality children's shoes. You need to avoid wearing shoes with thin, flat and soft soles, anatomically, is not a repetition of the shape of the foot;
  4. The lack of motion in the child;
  5. Frequent colds, infectious, bacterial disease;
  6. Injury and damage to the legs;
  7. Endocrine disorders, including disorders of the thyroid gland, being overweight, or, conversely, lack of weight gain, diabetes;
  8. Rickets, which has a devastating effect on bones, making them weak and fragile, as well as affecting the curvature of the soles of the feet;
  9. Bad metabolism and power system, which has an adverse effect on the body;
  10. The lack of calcium and other vitamins and minerals.

The determination of the causes, which in the child the curvature of the legs, requires immediate therapy, which is carried out different methods.

Treatment ploskoval'gusnoj feet

This disease depends on its scale and forms. In establishing the diagnosis is still in the hospital when he has to be the congenital form, the treatment is assigned, how is it possible, literally from the first months of life.

Treatment ploskoval'gusnoj deformation of the stop aims at the correction of the curvature and its fixation. So, it is important not only to overcome the defect, but also to consolidate the result.

Conservative treatment

Usually as part of therapy rarely prescribed medications. Their use is necessary in the case of systematic or temporary headaches or pain in the legs. Medical drug groups analgesics peel off the symptom but not the cause, so the doctors treatment, mainly of external nature, and that:

  1. On the legs of superimposed plaster bandage, providing body-shaping and laying down the action. So as problem with this disease deals with the orthopedist and the surgeon, the doctor decides what kind of headdress, save;
  2. An important stage of treatment - physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy - this is something that you feet feel the completeness and accuracy of movements;
  3. No less important is the stage of maintaining the achieved outcome, because ploskoval'gusnye legs have the property at the time of their treatment once again, "come back again". Why child to purchase a special orthopedic shoes with such insoles.

In the case of purchased of deformation, when it is diagnosed to view the answers for each other (valgus installation of the foot, usually the doctor prescribes gentle treatment, but again it all depends on the extent of the disease. But it should be noted that this is just a conservative treatment. Occur relatively serious cases, which require not only exercise and massage, and rapid intervention.


  • Operations Grajsa - operation, during which the foot of the child is determined to insert otherwise, it doesn't stop the sag inside;
  • Method Dobbsa is based on the ehtapnom the imposition of gypsum at the foot of the child, with subsequent percutaneous push the spokes of Kirchner. It's not surgery, and manual therapy, which consists in the implementation of the 5-6 sessions - usually one a week, during which the impact on the heels and the last phase is their gypsuming;
  • Various myagkotkannye and artrodeziruyushchie operational interventions, solutions, about which the attending physician.

It is important to note that the question of the appointment of a sparing therapy or the implementation of operations under force to solve only a doctor. In return, the parents, how would be savvy information from open sources, were not, it is not worth it to confront the treatment of their child.