Orthopedic shoes for kids in a valgus deformity of the feet

At birth and in the first months of life the baby foot looks completely flat, but it's not indicative of pathology. Protects fragile baby blister from possible injury, mother nature has endowed the child the bottom of the fat pad - supinatorom, prikryvayushchim state. The process of sucking begins from the moment a child gets to his feet. His legs are too weak to withstand the load and keep the balance, and at the same time trying to alleviate this problem, the child behaves like a sailor on board a ship, - it puts legs widely and walk a bit of a wobble. For this reason, are created prerequisites for the emergence of val'gusnogo flat feet, in which is the main pillar formed on the inner edge of the foot. Avoid helps children's orthopedic shoes for valgus feet.

shoes in valgus deformity

Whether children orthopedic shoes

When it becomes a need orthopedic shoes for children in valgus deformity - pediatric dr. he claims that by three years of age, until there is an active formation of muscle-svyazochnoj and the skeletal system, provide for children, the diagnosis of "val'gusnoe flat feet" prematurely. The deformation of the feet in children are at this time wearing the unstable, "floating" character, all the tissues, bones, muscles, ligaments - have a high degree of flexibility, the Contracting and stretching with the same speed. According to that, how it strengthens muscles, there is spontaneous adjustment: the legs straightened, the gait becomes stable and straight.

If the baby is growing, just as it happens in the dates, while watching his pediatrician sends the child together with the parents for consultation to a podiatrist. If in the inspection the expert finds sustainable curvature outside the imaginary axis, passing through the heel and connecting the legs with the lower part of the legs, put the final diagnosis.


Flat feet does not mean that the situation is irredeemable. Ploskoval'gusnaya deform children's feet - without penalty. Thanks to the diagnosis, she defies the conservative treatment and adjustment.

For this purpose, the doctor prescribed:

  • Therapeutic massage, and therapeutic exercise;
  • A course of physiotherapy procedures: ozokerite, paraffin, mud body wraps;
  • Wearing orthopedic shoes.

Opinions of doctors about this, what should be these shoes, are different. Some experts believe that firmly establishing a child's foot, the shoes harm her, they would normally develop. Another sure, that without this it is impossible to do, if you need to fix the planned development of defects.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. The child may not wear the recommended orthopedist shoes constantly: when he was given the opportunity to walk barefoot on earth, grass or pebbles on the river bank, this walk serves as an admirable firming agent for the arch of the foot. But on the hard city asphalt much better to walk into the corrective shoes.

Wear it in early childhood is necessary not only because these shoes fixes planned, but no time to form until the end of the defect, but also because at this time the children still do not attach importance to such concepts as fashion and style, and quietly, without complexes to wear everything they offer adults. The task of the last - time reset right threw his legs in the meantime, when a child becomes a teenager and wants to dress up and obuvat'sya in full compliance with the young fashionable orthopedic shoes is responsible not always.

Indications your doctor about another treatment

Features orthopedic shoes

Than orthopedic shoes, designed for the correction of valgus deformation of foot in the child differs from the conventional in that it to it to meet the more stringent requirements on the reliability of fixation of the foot in the correct position, which casual shoes cannot provide. For this manufacturer we supply it:

  • Light and flexible, but not soft soles;
  • Stable wide heel height from 0.5 to 1 cm;
  • Insole-supinatorom;
  • Highly elastic back, and held by rulers, creating a reliable support for the ankle.

Fixation of the foot in the correct position is ensured by the lacing, buckle or reliable "velcro". Only when you meet all these requirements shoes can be considered orthopedic.

Such shoes in Russia are manufactured by several manufacturers. So the choice should be guided first of all the instructions of the attending physician. Shoes or sandals should be sewn from genuine leather - synthetic foot the baby will sweat and slide around when walking. When buying it is necessary to check not only your back, but also the sole. In the front part should be more flexible on the back - harder. Shoes, sole which does not bend, or bends with great difficulty, it is better not to buy - is in her child will be uncomfortable.

Mass-produced orthopedic shoes for children with valgus deformity of the feet suits only to those children that are relatively small deviations from the norm. In more severe deformation of the center samples are not suitable. In this case, the shoes should be stitched on individually torn off doctor ratios in a special workshop, because only in this case you can consider all the features of the tension and adjust them with the maximum possible accuracy.


A baby's foot grows quickly, and when sandals or shoes are a small child, it is necessary to replace them immediately with new ones. But in any case no need to buy orthopedic shoes in ploskoval'gusnoj stop for children "to grow". It should be exactly under the feet of the owner. In the opposite case, instead of the good too roomy shoes can bring harm.

For and against

Stylish orthopedic shoes for a child

It is worth to mention also the opposite view - those who are fundamentally against the use of corrective shoes. Some believe that wearing orthopedic sandals and shoes, documenting the step artificially, impeding the natural strengthening of bones and muscles of the legs and longitudinal and transverse arch. Are you sure, that whereas, the main cause of valgus deformation of foot in children is weakness of the muscles, for its overcoming it is necessary to record the station, and pay more attention to physical activity of the child: walking barefoot, lazaniyu on the Swedish wall, a rope, cycling, course swimming, or dancing. And preferably all at once.

Many believe that in the everyday shoes of a child should not be arch support, such as it is, rely on him, the dog excessively relaxes, loses the opportunity to train their muscles. In all these arguments there is a large part of the truth, but not so strongly reject the orthopedic shoes, much more accurate to combine the conflicting views on one thing, when merged benefit of exercise, benefit from wearing orthopedic shoes.