Treatment of valgus deformity of the big toe of the foot without surgery

valgus deformity of the big toe feet

One of the most common types of orthopedic diseases and it is necessary to count the valgus deformation of the big toe of the feet, treatment without operation, which is possible only in the initial stages of the development of the disease. It is necessary to consider, in detail, what are the causes of that pathology and effective conservative methods of treatment.

The reasons for the education of valgus deformity of the big toe feet

A Valgus deformity of the foot is a pathological curvature of the joint of the big toe inside the feet and bulging out the first metatarsal bone. Referred to the disease negatively affects all components of the skeletal elements, the legs, tendons, and ligaments due to incorrect load distribution on the foot.

When the running form of the disease the only effective way to fight is considered for operative intervention. But if you turn to the specialist at the first sign of pathology, it is perhaps conservative treatment. It is necessary to pay attention to the following manifestations of the disease:

  • a slight inclination of the thumb to the other phalanges (less than 20 degrees);
  • feelings of pain while wearing shoes;
  • the emergence of small bones from the side, from the thumb;
  • redness and swelling of that education due to inflammation of periarticular bags;
  • the appearance of corns;
  • changing the shape of the legs.

For determining the correct treatment it is important to establish the cause of the valgus deformity. Factors, which can deform the foot, there is quite a lot. The most common of them are considered:

  • transverse flat foot type;
  • clubfoot deformity was;
  • wearing poorly designed shoes (high heels, tight shoes);
  • overweight;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • injury;
  • some diseases of the feet, etc.

The mentioned pathology is most frequently observed in the female sex. It is associated with the constant wearing of narrow model of shoes to high and unstable heels. When walking in these shoes, superstrong experiencing overload the front part of the foot. This imbalance eventually develops into a valgus deformity of the foot: Tarsus-phalanx joint becomes unstable, TarsusWai bone takes place, the first finger crooked. Frequent walking barefoot trains the muscles and tendons of the legs and serves as an excellent prevention of referred pathology.

If you carelessly treat their health, and ignore the symptoms of a valgus deformity, then they can develop serious complications: thickening of the head bones, bunions , scoliosis, etc.

General rules for conservative treatment of valgus deformation of the

In the basis of the conservative treatment consists of:

  • exclusion of the causes of the curvature of the legs;
  • removal of the deformity of the feet;
  • how to get rid of the attendant symptomatology - pain, inflammation, swelling.

Over time, if observing a positive dynamics of what ceases to grow, decreases in size, the foot takes the normal state. In compliance with all recommendations of the doctor-orthopedist happening is the proper distribution of the load on the soles of the feet.

When the primary circulation of the patient to a specialist, for the production of active treatment activities, is a complete diagnostic examination. The most common methods of diagnosis for this pathology is necessary to count:

  • eye examination deformity of the foot;
  • chest x-rays, which is easily visible bone changes;
  • MRI or CT scan;
  • computer planotography, which determines the load on the various parts of the feet, etc.

After a thorough analysis of the research results, the doctor selects the patient to appropriate methods of conservative treatment. It is important to take into account:

  • the age of the patient (usually more than 50 years);
  • the angle of deflection should not exceed 30 degrees;
  • the lack of related disorders of the legs.
the angle of deflection shall not exceed

Currently, there are several productive methods of non-surgical treatment of valgus deformation. Often for getting a positive result is used at the same time more medical approaches and therapies.

To effective conservative methods of struggle with valgus deformation of foot at this stage it is possible to include:

  • medical therapy;
  • the use of special products;
  • perform therapeutic measures;
  • the use of the remedies of the folk medicine.

Only a comprehensive approach and a harmonious combination of several treatment methods give you a stable positive result.

Medical therapy aims to remove all negative symptomatology, is observed during deformation of the feet. How to get rid of the inflammatory process doctors are introduced into the cavity of the joints of the hormonal drugs (DiPisan, Hydrocortisone). For the objectives may be subject to external anti-inflammatory agents (powders, ointments, gels). Painful is eliminated medication pain medicines (Ibuprofen, Paracetamol).

Perform therapeutic measures in a valgus deformity

The effectiveness of therapeutic activities, how to get rid of valgus deformation of foot in the early stages of disease development demonstrated a long medical practice. These medicinal activities is the need to count:

  • rehabilitation course;
  • physical culture;
  • massage;
  • a special diet;
  • proper rest for the legs.

To physiotherapy include procedures, such as shock-wave therapy, diathermy, mud wraps of the legs and others provide increased blood circulation in the affected place to relieve soreness and swelling.

Regular therapeutic exercises that strengthen the weakened muscles, returns to stop the normal position, to develop your fingers on the legs. To the most popular exercise movement therapy include:

  • the circular motion of the big toes;
  • the movement of the inner and outer sides of the soles of the feet, striping;
  • walking barefoot;
  • a smooth transfer of the center of gravity of the body of the socks at the heels and back, etc.
Perform therapeutic measures in a valgus deformity

Physical culture will give a more positive result when combined with the therapeutic massage, which is carried out by a trained professional. In the course of the described procedure is warming the whole of the patient's foot. This allows you increase blood circulation, restore mobility of the joints and the ligamentous apparatus.

The ability to relax the legs after a long walk will bring huge benefits in treatment and prevention of many diseases of the lower extremities, especially the valgus deformity. For this it is necessary at the end of a busy day to take a horizontal position and lift your legs above your head. Be in this position for 15-20 minutes. Then it is necessary to omit the feet in the prepared cold water.

An important role in the fight with this pathology plays a proper nutrition. From the daily diet is necessary to exclude fatty, smoked, spicy food, reduce the consumption of sweets. This will reduce the inflammatory processes from the inside. Useful products with a high content of vitamins a, E, With. A proper diet will automatically lead to reduction excess weight, which is one of the frequent reasons for a valgus deformity of the feet.

The described procedures allow to cope effectively with the pathology without operational intervention.

Special accessories in the treatment of valgus deformation of the

Conservative straightening out deformed legs, is impossible without use of special orthopedic aids. These include:

  • insoles;
  • screed;
  • orthopedic of the tire;
  • night concealer, etc.
Special accessories in the treatment of valgus deformation of the

Medicinal inserts with a special permission, which shall be carried out individually for each patient, providing basic relief to the affected joint, returns the stop to its dampening properties. Align the phalanges and reduce the deformation of the help special arch supports and interdigital partitions. Night bandage-concealer securely holds the toe in the correct position.

Orthopedic tires using compresses to the affected area to fix the fingers in the solid state and with a time offset of the station. As accessories it is possible to wear it constantly. Sometimes applied screed for maintaining the transverse arch of the foot.

Removal of the main causes of the development of a pathology - wearing narrow shoes with high heels - is a necessary condition for successful treatment. It is suitable for constant wearing of shoes should be comfortable, made of soft natural materials, with a wide toe, a heel no higher than 4-5 see Just such shoes will allow you to properly distribute the load on the feet.

The means of folk medicine in the fight with the deformation of the foot

Other funds in the conservative treatment of valgus deformation of the feet are the recommendations of folk medicine. They are effective in the removal of the main symptoms of the disease.

Feelings of pain well remove medicinal products, cooked yourself. These include:

  • a clay poultice, composed of red clay, turpentine, water and sea salt;
  • alcohol ointment on the basis of ammonia and ethyl alcohol, red pepper, camphor;
  • egg ointment, which consists of eggs, acetic acid, pork lard, turpentine.

Mentioned formulation is applied to the sore spot for 2 hours before bedtime. Then on foot you need to wear warm socks.

Eliminate the pain, inflammation of the trays on the basis of plant herbal extracts - burdock root, chamomile, st. john's wort. Are often used when the pathology of the chilled trays with sea salt and iodine.

The use of a cold compress several times a day greatly facilitates the condition of the patient. For this may serve as a package of frozen vegetables wrapped in a clean cloth.

The pieces are soft of propolis, it is possible clothes on the whole night instead of bulging blister. Popular among the patients with a valgus deformity of the feet, healing body wraps cabbage or burdock leaves. Mulberry leaves for added effect smear turpentine. The application is carried out for the whole night.

For more permanent results of the funds the people's medicine it is necessary to use a longer period of time - up to 2-3 months.

On the basis of all folk recipes is the warming of the space deformation, that allows to improve in it's metabolic processes, strengthen the local blood circulation.

The means of folk medicine in the fight with the deformation of the foot

Opinion on the topic

So, the conservative treatment of valgus deformation of foot is possible when a timely appeal to the specialist and accurate implementation of all its recommendations.